What does bunuba mean?

What does bunuba mean?

The Bunuba (also known as Bunaba, Punapa, Punuba) are a group of Indigenous Australians and are one of the traditional owners of the southern West Kimberley, in Western Australia. Many now live in and around the town of Fitzroy Crossing.

Who are the traditional owners of Fitzroy Crossing?

The Bunuba people in the Kimberley have been recognised as the traditional owners and granted native title to more than 6,500 kilometres of land. The native title claim which has been in the Federal Court for 13 years was yesterday concluded with celebrations in Geieke Gorge, near Fitzroy Crossing.

Where is bunuba country?

west Kimberley
Bunuba country is in the central-west Kimberley. The town of Fitzroy Crossing, where most Bunuba people live, sits in the south-east corner, 400km inland from Broome.

What did jandamarra?

Jandamarra planned a military defence of his country by using fire-arms and held a vision of an Aboriginal uprising which would transcend tribal boundaries. Panic engulfed the small White settler community, scattered as it was over an area of nearly 11,500 sq. miles (29,785 km²).

Why is Windjana Gorge sacred?

Steeped in culture. Aboriginal leader Jandamarra used the gorge as a hideout and was shot at Pigeon’s Rock during a gun battle with Europeans in 1894. Bandilngan (Windjana Gorge) is a highly spiritual place to Bunuba people and the Wandjina are the powerful creation spirits that reside here.

Is it safe to stay in Fitzroy Crossing?

Fitzroy Crossing Lodge is okay for a brief stay (we even spent a honeymoon night there) but if camping or caravanning then Ngumban Cliffs is a much better idea. There are other free camps well away from the highway and well away from Fitzroy Crossing.

What is Fitzroy Crossing famous for?

Set on the banks of the mighty Fitzroy River, Fitzroy Crossing is a true outback town, and a great base for exploration of the nearby Devonian National Parks – Tunnel Creek, Windjana Gorge and Geikie Gorge. North east of Fitzroy Crossing, the Mimbi Caves are also part of the 350 million year old Devonian Reef system.

What is the population of Fitzroy Crossing?

Fitzroy Crossing is a small town in the Kimberley region of Western Australia, 400 kilometres (250 mi) east of Broome and 300 kilometres (190 mi) west of Halls Creek….Fitzroy Crossing, Western Australia.

Fitzroy Crossing Western Australia
Population 1,297 (2016 census)
Established 1900s
Postcode(s) 6765
Elevation 114 m (374 ft)

Why is Jandamarra called pigeon?

From a young age, Jandamarra learned to ride horses, speak English fluently, shear sheep and use guns on William Lukin’s station at Lennard River, and was regarded as the area’s best Aboriginal stockman. Lukin dubbed him “Pigeon” because he was small and ran fast.

How did Jandamarra help the Bunuba people?

When Richardson joined the police force, Jandamarra followed and was recruited as a tracker. Jandamarra and Richardson worked together to capture Bunuba people, using their ancient knowledge of the country to track down those in hiding.

Was Jandamarra a good leader?

Jandamarra is a legend of the Bunuba people. We remember him as a great warrior, and as a clever and courageous leader who defended our country against overwhelming odds.

Can you swim Windjana Gorge?

# Windjana Gorge This is a limestone gorge. A few people decide to swim here although its not recommended. There are sometimes a huge number of Freshwater crocodiles in the water and they have been known to be aggressive. There are no waterfalls in this gorge, it’s an open-style gorge.

Can the Bunuba dawangarri Aboriginal Corporation obtain public liability insurance?

The Bunuba Dawangarri Aboriginal Corporation has been told by their insurance broker that they are “unlikely to be able to obtain public liability insurance over the Bunuba Reserves which are to be used for community blocks or Traditional Owner commercial opportunities”.

Can I use or reproduce materials from Bunuba dawangarri Aboriginal Corporation?

Written consent from Bunuba Dawangarri Aboriginal Corporation must be obtained for use or reproduction of any such materials. Any unauthorised dealing may be in breach the Commonwealth Copyright Act 1968.

What is Bunuba?

(Song-lines, dance and song) passed down from generation to generation. Bunuba people have a deep and vital connection with the country which is seen as a whole, living, interconnected and integrated system.

Is the Bunuba dawangarri joint management plan copyrighted?

This work is copyright. All traditional and cultural knowledge in this joint management plan is the cultural and intellectual property of the traditional owners and is published with the consent of Bunuba Dawangarri Aboriginal Corporation on their behalf.