What does a reformat mean?

What does a reformat mean?

Definition of reformat transitive verb. : to format (something) again or in a different way … this will require you to reformat your drive, which will delete all of your files on your device …—

What is the synonym of erasing?

abolish, delete, eliminate, expunge, negate, obliterate, wipe out, annul, blank, blot, cancel, cut, dispatch, efface, excise, extirpate, gut, kill, launder, nullify.

What’s another word for restarting?

restarting, relaunching, recommencement, relaunch, re-launch, rebooting, resume, resumption, reset.

Which of the following are synonyms for format?

Synonyms of format

  • arrangement,
  • configuration,
  • conformation,
  • formation,
  • layout,
  • setout,
  • setup.

Is format same as reset?

So basically, the difference between the two is that reformatting is freeing up space on your computers disk drive by wiping a partition that was previously formatted and allowing new info to be stored on the computer, where the computer reset (remove everything) is the same thing but additionally will sometimes offer …

What is the difference between format and reformat?

format is when you format it. Reformat is just when you RE-format it. Format it AGAIN. So initial format = format.

What is the antonym of erase?

erase. Antonyms: mark, write, delineate. Synonyms: obliterate, efface, expunge, blot, cancel.

What is the synonym of wipe out?

root (out), rub out, snuff (out), stamp (out), sweep (away)

What is it called when you do something over and over again?

To reiterate is to do or say something over and over again, to repeat insistently: to reiterate a refusal, a demand.

What is another word for try again?

What is another word for try again?

retry repeat
redo reiterate
rerun re-attempt
attempt again take another stab

What is the synonym of reform?

Synonym Discussion of reform. correct, rectify, emend, remedy, redress, amend, reform, revise mean to make right what is wrong. correct implies taking action to remove errors, faults, deviations, defects.

What is a synonym for reformat?

Synonyms for reformat include produce again, change the format, reconstruct, re-create, redesign, re-form, remake, remodel, reproduce and reshape. Find more similar words at!

How does the verb reform differ from other similar words?

How does the verb reform differ from other similar words? Some common synonyms of reform are amend, correct, emend, rectify, redress, remedy, and revise. While all these words mean “to make right what is wrong,” reform implies drastic change. plans to reform the court system

What is the difference between reform and remedy?

While the synonyms remedy and reform are close in meaning, remedy implies removing or making harmless a cause of trouble, harm, or evil. When might revise be a better fit than reform?