What does 3 Smiley faces in a row mean?

What does 3 Smiley faces in a row mean?

Three: kiss them. Easy.) Any of the three smiling blush faces are good signs on your road to heavy petting-ville.

What Does a colon with a 3 mean?

Symbol. :3. An emoticon that conveys silliness or playfulness.

What does Arrow 3 mean?

The Three Arrows symbol is popularly used within the antifa movement in the United States, along with flags based on the symbol of Antifa in Germany. Anarchists and anti-fascists frequently use the symbol, usually against authoritarianism, fascism and authoritarian socialism.

What is meant by 3?

1 : a number that is one more than 2 — see Table of Numbers. 2 : the third in a set or series the three of hearts. 3a : something having three units or members. b : three-pointer.

What is the meaning of 3 3?

Considered an angel number, or a number bearing a certain universal meaning thanks to its repeating digits, the date 3/3 is primed for activities and energies linked to the number three—which is all about growth, learning, socializing, and creativity, says numerologist Jasmine Wolfe.

What do the different smiley faces mean?

“I’m disappointed in what you said.”

  • “Your text makes me sad.”
  • “How could you say such a thing?”
  • What is the meaning of 3 emoticon?

    The meaning of :3 is goofy/cute face, and it is becoming more commonly used in message transmission. The emoticon :3 symbolizes cuteness; it can come from a baby, a puppy, or a cat. Here the character ‘:’ denotes the eyes and the number ‘3’ denotes the cute smile of a puppy.

    What does the smiley emoji mean?

    Smiley face emoji meaning: Say hello to the original smiley face emoji! It’s kind, it’s sweet, and it never means any harm. It’s kind, it’s sweet, and it never means any harm. It’s typically used to express happiness or friendliness, usually, if you’re excited to meet someone in person or if you’re saying hello for the first time that day.

    What is the symbol for Smiley?

    – Prtyk Singh This seems to me to be an “I don’t care” emoji or an expression “Oh hunh! – Manoj It is an ignoring symbol. – Anonymous Saying something that you’re not sure is true or not.