What do you study in a history of art degree?

What do you study in a history of art degree?

Studying history of art allows you to examine the visual arts through a range of historical, social, geographical, cultural and psychological contexts. You’ll consider the meaning implied by the subject and style of art forms, as well as the impact that art has on our lives.

What is a history of art course?

Course description BA History of Art is a wide-ranging and in-depth degree which explores art history and visual culture from the Medieval era to the present. The broad range of staff expertise offers you the opportunity to study a varied and exciting curriculum.

Where can I learn art history?

The 10 Best Sites to Learn About Art History

  1. Smarthistory. Smarthistory is one of the most-visited art history websites in the world.
  2. UbuWeb.
  3. The Metropolitan Museum of Art.
  4. Art History News.
  5. WikiArt.
  6. Web Gallery of Art.
  7. The Museum With No Frontiers.
  8. ThoughtCo Art History Guide.

What can you do with a bachelor of arts in history?

What Kinds of Jobs Can You Get with a History Degree?

  • Historian. The most obvious choice for history graduates is to become a historian.
  • History Professor.
  • Politician.
  • Journalist.
  • Attorney.
  • Paralegal.
  • Human Resources Manager.
  • Librarian.

Is art history a real degree?

A degree in art history involves analysing and writing about art and architecture from classical to contemporary, looking at key themes and art movements, techniques and materials.

Which University is best for Art History UK?

Art History degrees. 1 University of Plymouth. 2 Art History degrees. OVERALL RATING. 2 University of Kent. 3 Liverpool Hope University. 4 University of Sussex. 5 University of East Anglia UEA.

Why study art history at Kent?

Art History at Kent has a growing reputation for research in the fields of art history, philosophy of art and aesthetics, which is reflected in the teaching quality of our degree programmes. Art History at Kent scored 100% for overall satisfaction in the 2021 National Student Survey.

Are there any online courses in the history of Art?

Our short online courses in the history of art include live-time weekly classes, day schools, lecture series and flexible online courses.

How long does it take to study art history at University?

The expected duration of this course is approximately 1 year although the college allows students up to two years to complete their studies. You do not need any personal skills as an artist to take this course. Travel back in time and discover fascinating new insight into some of the world’s most famous works of art.