What do you call someone from Cumbernauld?

What do you call someone from Cumbernauld?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Cumbernauld. Scottish Gaelic: Comar nan Allt.

What is Cumbernauld known for?

Cumbernauld is one of Scotland’s best-known New Towns and was created in the 1950s as a population overspill for Glasgow. Cumbernauld’s town centre was regenerated in the 1990s and includes what is now accepted as Britain’s first shopping centre and the world’s first multi-level covered town centre.

When was Cumbernauld built?

Cumbernauld was designated a new town on the 9th December 1955. It was built in response to the overcrowding in Glasgow. Cumbernauld is the clearest example of a modernist new town vision in the United Kingdom. However, as time progressed the dream started to fade.

Is Cumbernauld a suburb?

The area containing Cumbernauld, Glasgow, Scotland consists predominantly of terraced housing, which is common in suburban and inner-city areas.

Is Cumbernauld poor?

Despite its status as the most affluent part of North Lanarkshire, twelve per cent of children living in Cumbernauld North are in poverty. Airdrie Central was identified as the worst area with one in three children affected by poverty while Cumbernauld South not far behind.

What shops are in Cumbernauld?


  • Bumblebee Babies.
  • Casa De Aroma.
  • Crock of Gold.
  • Cumbernauld Law Practice.
  • Erin Francis Hair Design.
  • Honeycomb.
  • Lucky Garden Takeaway.
  • Nail & Beauty Hub.

When did Asda open in Cumbernauld?

The Corporation sought the building of a department store, completed in 1975 as phase 3. It was built for Woolco with two levels of underground parking, and was sold to Gateway in 1986. Asda purchased the site in 1988 and maintained the “Red Balloon Cafe” that was widely implemented in Gateway stores.

What local authority is Cumbernauld in?

North Lanarkshire Council
Welcome to North Lanarkshire Council | North Lanarkshire Council.

What is the population of Cumbernauld?

The 2019 population for the Cumbernauld Community Board area was 52,290. The population structure is slightly older with 18.4% in the 65+ age group compared to 17.3% across North Lanarkshire.

What shops are in Cumbernauld retail park?

They will join Aldi, Food Warehouse, Home Bargains, Matalan, M&S Food, Pets at Home, Tim Hortons, and Gulf petrol station which opened in phase 1 of Cumbernauld Retail Park.

Where is Auld Cumbernauld?

Cumbernauld was marked by the Romans in antiquity. Traces of this are still visible today for example at Westerwood and, less conspicuously, north of the M80 where the legionaries surfaced the Via Flavii, later called the “Auld Cley Road”.

Who owns Cumbernauld Castle?

Owned by the Comyns, it was situated at the east end of the park, where the motte (mound) is still visible. The Flemings took possession of Cumbernauld Castle and its estate ( c. 1306) after Robert the Bruce murdered the Red Comyn. Robert Fleming was a staunch supporter of Bruce, and one of his companions that day.

What is the population of Cumbernauld in North Lanarkshire?

This led to rapid expansion and building for about 40 years until the town became established as the largest in North Lanarkshire. At the UK census in 2011, the population of Cumbernauld was approximately 52,000, housed in more than a dozen residential areas.

How many pupils were there in Cumbernauld Village?

The New Statistical Accounts of Scotland (April 1839) described 3 schools: Cumbernauld Village 80–90 pupils, Condorat [sic] 60–70 pupils, Garbethill [East Fannyside] 20 pupils. It records “few people between 6 and 15 are unable to read the Bible”.