What do wild blue tongue skinks eat?

What do wild blue tongue skinks eat?

In the wild, blue-tongued skinks are omnivores that eat a variety of plants and animals including insects, snails, flowers, fruits, and berries. At Cosley Zoo, the skinks are fed fruits, vegetables, crickets, worms, and mice.

What dog food can I feed my blue tongue skink?

What dog food should you get for your blue tongue skink?

  • as much of whole animal as possible (not just meat but bones, tissues, cartilage)
  • meat including poultry, rabbit, lamb, bison, and even kangaroo.
  • good calcium-phosphorus ratio (2:1)

What meat can blue tongue lizards eat?

Blue-tongues can also be fed small amounts of tinned dog food (beef or chicken) with added calcium powder as well as boiled egg. Fruits and vegetables that can be offered include apple, pear, melons, pitted stone fruits, berries, banana, squash, carrot, endive and kale.

Can blue tongue skinks eat raw meat?

Can blue tongue skinks eat raw meat? No, blue tongue skinks should not eat raw meat such as chicken, turkey etc. This is because raw meat poses a big risk of contamination.

Can I feed my blue tongue skink dry dog food?

Most blue tongue skink keepers swear by cat and dog food, and many skinks enjoy eating it. It makes a good diet when mixed with vegetables. Make sure to use canned food rather than kibble (although kibble is alright occasionally if water is added), and avoid formulas containing artificial colors/flavors or fish.

Can skinks eat raw meat?

While skinks are in their natural habitat in the wild, they do eat raw meat. They are even known to be scavengers and eat meat that has gone rotten, that doesn’t necessarily make it okay for them to eat in captivity.

Can you feed skinks raw meat?

Can blue tongue skinks eat green beans?

The best vegetables for blue tongue skinks are collard greens, dandelion greens, green beans, arugula, mustard greens, and endive. The best fruits are berries, squash, apple, and papaya.

Can skinks eat ground beef?

Instead of raw meat, you can use cooked meats such as lean beef, ground turkey, chicken, duck, or venison. Cooking renders the fat in the flesh, which makes it leaner and more healthy for your skink, which will lessen the risk of obesity and other related health issues from eating meat.

What are skinks Favourite food?

Skinks love: Eating insects – crickets, moths and cockroaches are favourites. A place to hide – lizards have a good chance of escaping predators if your garden includes logs, small bundles of sticks and dense ground cover.