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What district is Memorial City?

What district is Memorial City?

Memorial City, Houston

Memorial City
State Texas
County Harris County
City Houston
District created 1999

Who owns Memorial City?

The city-within-a-city, Memorial City is a premier mixed-use development owned and managed by MetroNational. Located in West Houston, Memorial City runs along the I-10 corridor, just inside Beltway 8, and contains 9 million square feet of developed real estate across 265 acres.

Who owns Metro National?

Andrea Johnson – Owner – Metro National Corp.

When did Memorial City Mall open?

1966Memorial City Mall / Opened

Is Memorial Houston rich?

Memorial The tenth richest neighborhood in Houston is Memorial, where the median home value is $675,481.

What county is Memorial in Houston?

Harris County
The Memorial area is west of downtown Houston in Harris County. The neighborhood is northwest of business district, the Galleria Area, or simply Uptown. Surrounding the neighborhood is the Memorial Villages to the east and the Katy Freeway (Interstate 10) to the north.

Is Memorial City in northwest Houston?

The Memorial area of Houston, Texas is located west of Downtown, northwest of Uptown, and south of Spring Branch….

Memorial, Houston
• Total 44,413
• Density 4,131/sq mi (1,595/km2)
Time zone Central Time Zone (CT)
ZIP codes 77079, 77024

Does Memorial City Mall require masks?

The health and safety of our tenants and employees are our highest priority, so seating will be limited to encourage social distancing. Also, all riders and drivers will be required to wear face masks at all times and hand sanitizer stations have been installed on all the shuttles.

How many stores does Memorial City Mall have?

With more than 150 stores and restaurants, if you can’t find it here, it probably doesn’t exist. Make your move to Memorial City where you will be surrounded by aspirational shopping, chef-inspired restaurants and unmatched amenities.

Where do billionaires live in Houston?

According to Investopedia, the richest neighborhood in Houston is Piney Point Village, where the median house price is $1,784,461. Unsurprisingly, the median household income is also high at approximately $108,000 per year. Piney Point Village has a population of 3,425 residents.

Is Memorial a good area of Houston?

Nestled in between the Energy Corridor to the West and Downtown Houston to the East, Memorial has become the prime spot for a more private, quieter home life. It’s also zoned to Spring Branch ISD and Katy ISD, two top-quality school districts in the Houston area. In terms of perks, Memorial is chock-full of them.

What is the Memorial City Management District?

The Texas Legislature created the Memorial City Management District in 1999. That same year, the city of Houston proposed the creation of a new Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone (TIRZ) for Memorial City. TIRZs levy incremental taxes on commercial properties to fund new infrastructure within their boundaries.

How many people work in Memorial City?

Memorial City is a significant regional employment center with over 6.1 million square feet (570,000 m 2) of retail and 8.3 million square feet (770,000 m 2) of office space. The district’s businesses employ over 47,000 people. Memorial City Mall attracts approximately 20 million visitors per year.

What is Memorial City?

The city-within-a-city, Memorial City is a premier mixed-use development owned and managed by MetroNational.

Where is Memorial City in Houston Texas?

Memorial City is a commercial district in the Memorial area of Houston, Texas, United States.