What District Court is Clinton Township Michigan?

What District Court is Clinton Township Michigan?

41B District Court
41B District Court | Mount Clemens, Clinton Township, Harrison Township, Michigan.

Who is Sebastian Lucido?

Lucido, of Macomb County, was most recently president of Sebastian Lucido & Associates, P.C. law firm. Previously, he served as assistant attorney for Harrison Township and as a clerk for the 16th Circuit Court in Macomb County. Lucido was also the founder and president of the Thomas M. Cooley Computer Law Society.

How do I pay a ticket in Warren Michigan?

Payment Options

  1. For traffic ticket payment after 14 days, partial payments, and all other payments for fines & cost owed to the 37th District court, use the following links:
  2. For Payment by Phone: Center Line: 1-855-953-4949. Warren: 1-855-336-1700.
  3. For Online Payments (Warren):
  4. For Online Payments (Centerline):

How do I pay a ticket in Shelby Township Michigan?

All civil infractions may be paid on or before the appearance date, through the mail or in person. Credit cards may be used via the web at in person, or by telephone at 888-604-7888. You must have the court’s pay location code of #2322 when paying by credit card. A credit card service fee will apply.

What county is Clinton Township in?

Macomb CountyClinton Township / County

What happens if I don’t pay a ticket in Michigan?

Penalties for Not Paying a Fine in Michigan Anyone who fails to pay a court ordered fine could face imprisonment for up to 93 days, and a fine of up to $100. In addition, 28 days after failing to pay a fine, the court will mail a notice to the last known address of the person.

How long do you have to pay a ticket in Michigan?

You have 14 days from the date of the ticket to either pay or schedule a hearing.

How do I pay my ticket on Sterling Heights?

To pay by phone: Call Official Payments at 1-800-487-4567. You will need your name and case number/citation number to pay over the phone. There is a fee for this service. Payments may take up to 24-48 hours to post to your account.

Is Clinton Township nice?

Clinton township is a nice, affordable area, with lots of restaurants, parks, and easy access to the lake. It is generally pretty safe.

What cities are in Clinton Township MI?

List of Towns and Cities in Clinton County, Michigan, United States with Maps and Steets Views

  • Bath.
  • Dewitt.
  • Eagle.
  • Elsie.
  • Eureka.
  • Fowler.
  • Lansing.
  • Maple Rapids.

Do traffic tickets expire in Michigan?

Tickets remain on your record for a minimum of seven years, depending on the type of license and the type of ticket(s) received. Alcohol and controlled substances related driving convictions remain on your record for life.

Can your license be suspended for not paying a ticket in Michigan?

Local courts notify the Michigan Department of State to suspend the driver’s license of persons who fail to respond to a Michigan traffic citation (FAC) or fail to comply with a Court judgment (FCJ). The Department notifies the individual that his/her license is suspended until the matter is resolved.