What disease does Ishaan Awasthi have?

What disease does Ishaan Awasthi have?

The film portrays the life of a young boy, Ishan Awasthi (enacted by 8-year-old Darsheel Safary), who is dyslexic and cannot read or write; he leads a tormented life until he meets with his art teacher, Ramashankar Nikumbh (enacted by Amir Khan), who discovers his artistic talents.

What are the psychological and behavioral patterns that Ishaan experienced?

The film has shown that Ishaan has 31 out of 37 symptoms of dyslexia. Ishaan also experienced emotional and social problems due to wrong perceptions from his surroundings, which make him more depressed, and unable to show his real talent and full potential.

How the teacher help Ishaan in every child is special?

Teacher Ram meets Ishaan and realizes that Ishaan was very unhappy, He also believes he can help Ishaan to improve his life. He review Ishaan’s work and conclude that Ishaan has dyslexia. He visits Ishaan’s parents and explain everything.

Who is Taare Zameen Par child?

Darsheel Safary
Darsheel Safary: The kid from Taare Zameen Par is now doing a teen comedy.

What is the message of the movie Taare Zameen Par?

“It’s a story about a kid’s life and his relationship with his art teacher, by changing his life through caring and understanding. That is the key message of the film – that with caring and love you can actually do a lot.” He added, “I think my character is very open-minded as a teacher.

What is Taare Zameen Par in English?

Like Stars on Earth/Languages

How old is Ishaan in every child is special?

The film explores the life and imagination of Ishaan (Safary), an 8-year-old dyslexic child. Although he excels in art, his poor academic performance leads his parents to send him to a boarding school.

What is the message of the film Taare Zameen Par?

Who is Biren Dang?

Biren Dang is an Indian kid vocalist. He is champ of Star Plus’ children singing unscripted TV drama Taare Zameen Par. He likewise took an interest in Superstar Singer as a challenger. Darn has dazzled the guides, judges, and crowds of the show with his amazing singing abilities.