What data type should I use for currency?

What data type should I use for currency?

The MONEY data type stores currency amounts. TLike the DECIMAL(p,s) data type, MONEY can store fixed-point numbers up to a maximum of 32 significant digits, where p is the total number of significant digits (the precision) and s is the number of digits to the right of the decimal point (the scale).

Is there a currency data type in MySQL?

We can store the money values in MySQL in decimal(value1,value2). Here, value1 is the total range including value2. The value2 specifies the number of digits after the decimal point.

Which data type is used to assigned dollars & Pounds?

BigDecimal is the best type for representing currency decimal values.

Is there a MONEY datatype in SQL?

SQL Server 2018: The MONEY datatype still saves on storage space due to its 8-byte storage requirement versus DECIMAL’s 17-byte requirement.

What is the best datatype to use for column containing currency values?

Adding or subtracting Currency data types always ignores decimals beyond the fourth decimal point, whereas multiplications and divisions produce a floating-point value – thus increasing the precision of the result. In general, if we need more accuracy than the four digits provided, we must use a Decimal data type.

What is the data type for dollar amount?

Money Data Type. The money data type is an abstract data type. Money values are stored significant to two decimal places. These values are rounded to their amounts in dollars and cents or other currency units on input and output, and arithmetic operations on the money data type retain two-decimal-place precision.

Is there a currency data type?

A data type used to declare variables capable of holding fixed-point numbers with 15 digits to the left of the decimal point and 4 digits to the right. Due to their accuracy, Currency variables are useful within calculations involving money.

What data type is currency in SQL?

MS Access Data Types

Data type Description Storage
Double Double precision floating-point. Will handle most decimals 8 bytes
Currency Use for currency. Holds up to 15 digits of whole dollars, plus 4 decimal places. Tip: You can choose which country’s currency to use 8 bytes