What countries does Tearfund help?

What countries does Tearfund help?

Countries we work in

  • Afghanistan.
  • DR Congo.
  • Jordan.
  • Lebanon.
  • Madagascar.
  • Somalia.
  • Yemen.

What does Tearfund Australia do?

Our partnerships with local Christian agencies develop long-term holistic transformation for communities facing poverty and injustice around the world and in Australia. We do justice together as we inspire, connect and equip Australian Christians to live, act and pray for a more just and compassionate world.

Why do you want to work with Tearfund?

Why work for Tearfund? Our vision at Tearfund is for a just and compassionate world in which all people have the opportunity to achieve their God-given potential. We long for a world in which everyone has enough and no-one has too much.

Where does Tearfund operate?

However, they fulfil the work by operating largely through local Christian churches and other Christian partner organisations around the world….Tearfund.

Founded 1971
Type Christian charity
Registration no. 265464 (England & Wales) SC037624 (Scotland)
Website www.tearfund.org

What does Tearfund stand for?


Acronym Definition
TEARFund The Evangelical Alliance Relief Fund (UK)

Where is it easiest to get a job in Australia?

Article content. Looking for the easiest place in Australia to find a job? As of 2021, the answer is Canberra! That’s according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, which each April releases its figures for vacancy rates around Australia.

Who founded Tearfund?

George HoffmanTearfund / Founder

When was Tearfund founded?

May 29, 1968Tearfund / Founded

What do Tearfunds do for the poor?

Tearfund is a Christian charity that aims to help the poor. They base their work on Christian beliefs and teachings, such as love thy neighbour . They carry out their work through local churches and help to: raise awareness of social issues.

Is Tearfund reliable?

Charity Intelligence has given Tearfund a Good impact rating based on demonstrated impact per dollar spent.

How does Tearfund help with poverty?

Is Tearfund tax-deductible?

Yes. Each donation of $2 or more is a tax-deductible donation. ABN 85 085 413 832. Donate to Tearfund.