What colour is 10 81 in Wella?

What colour is 10 81 in Wella?

Lightest Blonde Pearl Ash
Illumina Color 10/81 Lightest Blonde Pearl Ash Permanent Hair Color 10/81 · Wella Professionals | Wellastore.

What do the numbers mean in Wella?

WELLA INTERNATIONAL. NUMBERING SYSTEM. All shades are coordinated according to the level of depth and tonal value. The number to the left of the stroke represents the depth (2/ – 10/) and the number on the right of the stroke, the tonal value (/0 – /9).

How do you use Wella Color 8 81?

Usage Instructions:

  1. COLOR FRESH is ready to use. Shampoo and towel dry the hair.
  2. Apply color evenly to the hair, working through lengths and ends to ensure even distribution. Comb through.
  3. After development, emulsify with warm water then rinse the hair thoroughly. It is not usually necessary to shampoo the hair again.

How do you use Wella Color Touch?

Always mix 1 part COLOR TOUCH + 2 parts of COLOR TOUCH Emulsion 1.9%. Apply to pre-shampooed, towel-dried hair. Develop up to 20 minutes. When desired results are achieved, rinse until the water runs clear, towel-dry and apply your chosen COLOR TOUCH target shade in the normal way.

Which Koleston root touch up product is right for You?

Try Koleston Root Touch Up 10 – the ideal solution to cover your roots in only 10 minutes. With its specially designed formula, it seamlessly matches leading shades, even from the salon. Thanks to its Root Precision Brush, it is easy to use and offers precise application.

How long does it take Koleston Perfect special blonde to develop?

DEVELOPMENT TIME 30-40 mins without heat 15-20 mins with heat MIXING SPECIAL BLONDE MIXING RATIO 1 :2 Mix 60g Koleston Perfect Special Blonde + 120ml Welloxon Perfect Use 12% Welloxon Perfect for 4-5 levels lift Use 9% Welloxon Perfect for 3 levels of lift DEVELOPMENT TIME 50-60 mins without heat 25-35 mins with heat PRODUCT INNOVATION

What is Wella color touch?

, natural shades and high shine. Wella Color Touch complements the Koleston Perfect Shades for various genuine and unrestricted creations of natural hair color.

Can you be allergic to Koleston hair color?

KOLESTON PERFECT 1FOR PEOPLE NOT ALLERGIC TO HAIR COLORANTS. Although the risk of developing new allergy is reduced, there remains a risk of allergic reaction that can be severe. Always perform an allergy alert test 48h before each coloration.