What colors does Cabot deck stain come in?

What colors does Cabot deck stain come in?

You can coat your worn deck and give it new life with Cabot DeckCorrect….SELECT CONTAINER SIZE.

Sizes Choose an option 1 Gallon
Colors Choose an option Annapolis Grey Black Blood Moon Farmhouse Red Georgetown Green Kingston Clay Newport Smokey Pewter Williamsburg Super White Custom Clear

What color is honey teak?

Honey Teak is a beautiful brown with a slight orange tint.

Can Cabot stain be tinted?

Tinting/Intermixing: Cabot Solid Color Acrylic Siding Stain is available in 4 tint bases: White #0801, Neutral #0806, Deep #0807 and Medium #0808, that must be tinted with compatible universal colorants.

How long does Cabot stain last?

Finish durability depends upon weather, wear and other local conditions, but finish typically lasts 2–5 years on decks and 4–8 years on siding and fences. FROM PATENT INFRINGEMENT. CABOT WILL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES.

Is Cabot good deck paint?

This product is for you. Cabot® DeckCorrect™ brings new life to old wood and concrete. DeckCorrect™ is a thick paint great for RESCUING decks, railings, patios, composite deck, pool decks and walkways. It covers and corrects worn, weathered exterior wood and concrete.

How do you use Cabot Australian Timber Oil?

To avoid lap marks, start at one edge and follow through to the end of the boards. Apply Cabot Australian Timber Oil for Decks and Outdoor Furniture to small sections at a time, 2-3 boards at a time. Product that does not penetrate must be removed or rubbed into the boards parallel to the wood grain.

What is Cabot deck correct used for?

DeckCorrect™ by Cabot® covers and corrects worn, weathered, exterior wood and concrete. This thick coating is enhanced with Polycarbonate Everbeads™ to fill cracks up to 1/4″ and lock down splinters for a durable, dirt-resistant, skid-resistant surface.

Why choose Cabot’s stain and varnish?

It penetrates the wood, giving a long lasting finish. Cabot’s Stain and Varnish provides colour and shine to wood, while allowing you to see the natural grain of timber. Choose from multiple colours in satin or gloss for a flawless interior finish.

What is Cabot’s new timber prep?

Its unique formula nourishes and protects the timber while providing excellent dirt and stain resistance. To coat new bare timber immediately, scrub damp timber with Cabot’s New Timber Prep, following label instructions.

Why choose Cabot’s?

Colour Inspiration – Timber stains and colour: Whether you’re after a warm rich colour on your deck, or a semi-transparent finish on your outdoor furniture, Cabot’s has a solution.

What is timbercolour deck and exterior paint?

Cabot’s Timbercolour Deck and Exterior Paint is a self-priming paint that can be tinted to hundreds of colours. Perfect for weatherboard and decks, it protects against the wear and tear of daily use and extreme weather. To see which stain will work best on your timber, visit our Colour Visualiser.