What chromosome is d18s51 on?

What chromosome is d18s51 on?


Other Names Chromosomal Location GenBank Accession
D18S379; UT574 UniSTS: 44409 18q21.33 Chr 18; 59.100 Mb (May 2004, NCBI build 35) X91254; has 21 repeats AP001534; has 18 repeats

What chromosome is D21S11 on?

chromosome 21
Segregation studies of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) gene and a cloned DNA probe (D21S11), which detects an EcoRI restriction fragment length polymorphism for a sequence located in the medial part of the long arm of chromosome 21, are reported in a large pedigree, in which AD is transmitted as an autosomal dominant …

What does Vwa mean on a DNA test?

Human von Willebrand factor gene
Determined in the present study; Abbreviations are as follows: TPOX, Human thyroid peroxidase gene; VWA, Human von Willebrand factor gene.

What does D3S1358 mean on a DNA test?

So that’s what it means when you get a D3S1358, 17/18. You have 17 repeats on one chromosome and 18 on the other at D3S1358, a certain spot on a chromosome. The two numbers comes from the fact that we have two copies of each of our chromosomes (except for one pair in men — the X and the Y chromosome).

What is Penta E on a DNA test?

Penta E is known as an identifier in genetic testing. Over the past decade, genetic scientists have distinguished a core of short tandem repeat (STR) loci that are widely used for DNA typing applications. They are characterized by physical location in the human genome.

What chromosome is d8s1179 on?


Other Names Chromosomal Location GenBank Accession
D6S502 UniSTS: 83408 8q24.13 Chr 8; 125.976 Mb (May 2004, NCBI build 35) G08710; has 12 repeat units AF216671; has 13 repeat units

What is D21S11?

Since D21S11 is a complex repeat, allele designation is more problematic than for simple repeats. Each allele in the D21S11 system has characteristics of di-, tri-, tetra-, and hexanucleotide repeats. Two major systems of nomenclature exist for D21S11.

What is locus D21S11?

D21S11 is a highly polymorphic core STR locus with a complex sequence structure. We have recently identified D21S11 variants with equal lengths but different sub-repeat compositions [2]. Our results also indicated that the sub-repeat patterns of the D21S11 alleles in Europeans and Africans were different.

What does TH01 mean on a DNA test?

gene tyrosine hydroxylase 1
The gene tyrosine hydroxylase 1 (TH01) has been suggested as a candidate for human longevity. A previous study has shown an association between longevity and specific alleles of the TH01 short tandem repeat (STR) polymorphism in an Italian population. This STR locus is also widely used in forensic genetics.

What is D3S1358?