What can you use GT85 for?

What can you use GT85 for?

Five of the best uses for GT85

  • Cleaning. GT85 is great for cleaning your bike.
  • Protect and shine. Surprisingly, once you’ve cleaned your bike you can use GT85 to get a real shine from the frame, of course using a different cloth, preferably dry and microfibre.
  • Lubrication.
  • Penetration.
  • Bringing your bike back to life.

What’s the difference between WD40 and GT85?

GT85 isn’t really a rival to WD-40 as it’s actually made by the same company. The main difference according to the labels is an ingredient called PTFE which makes the fluid super slippery. The results of our lubrication test show that it works too, coming second to our favourite Ferrosol in the spinning wheel test.

Can I lube my chain with GT85?

Taking care to avoid your brake pads – because you really don’t want them greased up – GT85 is ideal for cleaning and lubricating bike chains, frames, derailleurs, cables, levers, gears and more.

Does GT85 get rid of rust?

GT85 spray removes rust – all over It’s not just your bike’s gears, cables and levers that you can trust to de-rust.

Is GT85 a dry lube?

GT85 might be best known for its ubiquitous Teflon spray, but this polytetrafluoroethylene (aka PTFE aka Teflon) based Dry Lube is a worthy addition to any bike shed or tool box when to it comes to keeping the chain moving smoothly and quietly.

Is GT85 safe on rubber?

It is also safe on plastics and paint, leaving a lasting shine. Being safe on rubber means that GT85 is also suitable for cleaning and lubricating O-rings, gaskets, links and chains.

Can you use GT85 on bike suspension?

Please don’t use WD40, GT85 or any similar products! Instead of cleaning your seals, they will wash away the grease under the seals, letting dirt in much more easily– even if you’re careful you will also risk contamination of brake rotors/pads and these products can also dry out seals.

Is GT85 OK on carbon?

TOP FEATURES AND BENEFITS OF GT85 SPRAY Lubricates every metal and composite part with long lasting protective PTFE coating. Safe on carbon frames too. Great for cables, levers, shocks, derailleurs, cassette, chain. Protects and lubricates.

Can I use GT85 on a lock?

GT85 Cleaner is perfect for cleaning and lubricating door locks and is widely available in supermarkets, hardware stores and online. The lubricant in GT85 is PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), a silicone element that will also repel water.

What happened to GT85?

4, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — WD-40 Company (NASDAQ:WDFC) announced today that it has completed the acquisition of the business and assets of GT85 Limited , a company located in the United Kingdom (” U.K. “) which markets and sells the GT85 and SG85 brands of multi-purpose maintenance products.

Can GT85 be used on plastic?

In these applications GT85 can provide light lubrication and corrosion protection for moving parts, electrical connectors/switches and battery contacts. It is also safe on plastics and paint, leaving a lasting shine.

What is GT85 used for?

General purpose cleaning and lubricant oil spray lubricant that stops oxidization rust and salt corrosion on metal surfaces. GT85 is a tried and tested multi-purpose lubricant, with multiple uses to help complete tasks around the home and at work.

What is GT85 PTFE spray?

Recommended and used by the cyclist, DIYers, tradesmen and mechanics, GT85 PTFE Spray is the everyday essential for cleaning, maintenance and just getting the job done.

Can I use GT85 on my cycle?

Use GT85 on your Cycle GT85’s easy use makes it perfect to clean and lubricate the moving parts of your cycle, GT85 can also help to prevent nonmoving parts from rusting. Use GT85 in the Home GT85’s precise application allows for accurate use with no overspray, splatter, or waste, perfect for jobs around the house.

What is GT85 400ml Lube used for?

The versatile GT85 400ml, with PTFE, is ideal for use in all-over frame protection, on bike chains, cables, levers, gears, derailleurs, or anywhere that non-sticky lubrication is required. This professional strength, water-displacing lube contains PTFE to form a long-lasting, lubricating film and protective shine.