What are the terminologies used in tennis?

What are the terminologies used in tennis?

Tennis Terms

Ad Court The advantage court is the left side of the court for each player
Double Fault When a server faults twice in a row, and a point is lost.
Deuce A score of 40 all
Deuce court the right side of the court of each player
Drop Shot A volley in which the ball drops just over the net

What do you call someone who is good at tennis?

tennis player – an athlete who plays tennis. athlete, jock – a person trained to compete in sports. player, participant – a person who participates in or is skilled at some game. receiver – the tennis player who receives the serve.

What is a win called in tennis?

A game is won when a player scores four (or more) points: 15, 30, 40 and the game-winning point. Should both players make it 40, then the score is called “deuce.” Following deuce, a player must win two consecutive points: the first point, known as “advantage” and the game-winning point.

What is a spike in tennis called?

A smash in tennis is a shot that is hit above the hitter’s head with a serve-like motion. It is also referred to as an overhead. A smash can usually be hit with a high amount of force and is often a shot that ends the point.

What does def mean in tennis?

Def [ref] Adult Decision for a Junior to not start match for Disciplinary Reasons.

What does it mean when someone ices you in tennis?

Hall of Fame In US football an opposing coach will often call timeout before the opposing team kicks a field goal, supposedly to “ice” the kicker. The same can be done in tennis. Between the first and second serve, the returner can call for a review, esp if it’s a crucial serve, such as break point and set point.

What does L stand for in tennis?

Tennis Terms – L Let: The word let can have two different uses in tennis. Both of them mean that essentially either a point or serve will be repeated. The first use of let is when a serve touches the net and lands on the service box – which is a let and means that the serve will be replayed.

Why is it called an ace in tennis?

The Definition Of An Ace In Tennis A serve must be struck from behind the baseline and must land in the service box diagonally opposite without touching the net. If the ball bounces for a second time without the receiver touching it with their racket, the server wins the point and the serve is called an ace.