What are the sectors in Chandigarh?

What are the sectors in Chandigarh?

Well, see the list of top 7 best and posh sectors of Chandigarh below now.

  1. Sector 5, Chandigarh, the VVIP Area.
  2. Sector 8, Chandigarh — The Mini Las Vegas.
  3. Sector 9, Chandigarh.
  4. Sector 10, Chandigarh.
  5. Sector 11, Chandigarh.
  6. Sector 16, Chandigarh.
  7. Sector 33, Chandigarh.

How sectors are divided in Chandigarh?

Typically a sector is divided in four parts by a V-4 road running from east to west and a V-5 road running from north to south. These four parts are easily identifiable as A, B, C and D corresponding to North, East, South and West sides.

Which is the best sector in Chandigarh?

1. Sector 5. Sector 5, considered to be among the most posh and well-maintained residential areas in Chandigarh, is basically a VIP neighbourhood. This means that it is home to several influential people, including bureaucrats and ministers.

How can I understand Chandigarh sector?

Chandigarh has 56 sectors, the sectors start from 1 and go up to 56 being the last sector in Chandigarh. Sectors beyond 56 are in the Mohali area. Each sector in Chandigarh is marked and you will find directions to all the sectors within Chandigarh.

Why is there no 13 sector in Chandigarh?

CHANDIGARH: When legendary architect Le Corbusier designed Chandigarh as India’s first planned city more than 50 years ago and divided it into 60 sectors, he refused to have ‘Sector 13’. It is believed that this was largely because of the superstition that Europeans had around the number.

Is Sector 9 Chandigarh posh area?

Chandigarh’s Sector 9 Prakash Singh Badal. As you enter Sector 9, Chandigarh, you are be welcomed by mind blowing villas, independent houses, kothis, bungalows as well as fine dining restaurants like Foodsburry, Backpackers, Cafe Nabobs etc for that classic chic lifestyle in a posh area of Chandigarh.

Why Sector 17 Chandigarh is famous?

Also called City Centre because of its Central Location, covering an area of 240 acres. Replete with several big brands, stores, international outlets food chain and eateries. It’s an entertainment hub, a tree-lined pedestrian plaza.

How many total sectors are in Chandigarh?

Chandigarh is divided into 47 self-contained sectors. Each sector of the city is designed with its own shops, academic, and health care buildings, and places of worship, open spaces, greenery and the residential areas.

Why is Chandigarh a UT?

Chandigarh was located on the border of both states and the states moved to incorporate the city into their respective territories. However, the city of Chandigarh was declared a union territory to serve as capital of both states.

How many sectors Chandigarh have?