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What are the notes for harmonica?

What are the notes for harmonica?

The basic note layout of the harmonica The most common key of harmonica is the key of C. Here’s the note layout of a C diatonic harmonica: I’ve highlighted holes 4 to 7. Notice that the notes for these holes are C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C.

Is harmonica good for singing?

For blues players the harmonica is primarily an inhaling instrument. Singing is of course done exhaling (at least mostly). The combination is a good way of getting rid of air for more harmonica playing and getting air into the lungs for singing.

Can you tune a mouth organ?

Harmonicas can go out of tune with playing, and even new harps straight from the factory aren’t always in good tune. But you don’t have to accept what you get — you can correct out-of-tune notes. Harmonica tuning follows straightforward procedures, but it has some ins and outs that you need to know.

Does harmonica affect voice?

No, as long as you take care of your vocal instrument. Playing the harmonica requires diaphragm, lung control, throat control, tongue, lips, even vocal cords; so you’ll have to be careful not to overdo it, and to always warm up properly before a gig. But that’s the same as for singing.

What note do you play first on a harmonica?

Harmonica players won’t just say “play a C,” since that note occurs four times on the instrument. To avoid confusion, harmonica players identify the notes they play first by hole number and then by blow or draw. For instance, a player would refer to the A at the sixth hole as a “hole 6 draw,” to the C at hole 10 as a “hole 10 blow,” and so on.

What are the different keys of a harmonica?

Harmonicas come in a variety of keys ( click here for more about harmonica keys and note names ). The most common harmonica key is C, the notes on a C harmonica are shown below. In the diagram blow means the note when blowing into a hole, draw means the note when breathing in.

What is the C major scale on a harmonica?

Together the blow and draw notes of the C harmonica contain all the notes of the C major scale (C–D–E–F–G–A–B–C), the first scale that most beginning harmonica players learn to play.

How many notes can you get from a 10 blow harmonica?

A single extra bent note is available from blow holes 8, 9 and 10. A very small group of players can get two distinct bent notes from the 10 blow. Even more notes are available using an advanced technique called overblowing. How do you remember the harmonica notes?