What are the ingredients in cattle feed India?

What are the ingredients in cattle feed India?

MAIN INGREDIENTS OF CATTLE FEED Grains: Maize, sorghum, wheat, rice, oats, barley, ragi, millets etc. Brans: De-oiled rice bran, rice polish, wheat bran, maize bran etc.

How do you formulate cattle feed?

Feed cows one ounce plus 1 ounce for every 25 pounds of milk. Salt should be included in the grain mix at 1 percent. Calcium: more than 150 grams/day or . 75 to 1 percent of ration dry matter….Excess rumen undegradable protein in the ration results in:

  1. Lower milk production.
  2. Stiff dry manure.
  3. Lower dry matter intake.

What is a good feed ration for cattle?

Cattle weighing 700 pounds or more should be fed a ration containing 11 percent crude protein in a ration composed of grain (usually corn, but barley and wheat are often also used), protein sources, and roughage.

What is the best protein to feed cattle?

Microbial crude protein (MCP) —The most important protein source for cattle, supplying from 50% to 100% of the daily MP required by the animal.

Which feed is best for buffalo?

The main diet for the buffalo is roughage such as grass, legumes and straw. The roughage can be fed either fresh as pasture or in a cut-and-carry-system or conserved as hay or silage. The roughage is often complemented with grains, concentrate and agro-industrial by-products such as oil-seed cakes, sugar cane tops etc.

What is the best grain to feed cattle?

Corn, oats, and barley are the primary grains fed to cattle. Oats, which has a lower energy value due to its high fiber content, is considered the “safest” grain in regards to potential digestive disturbances.

How do you formulate feed ration?

Place the two grains and their respective crude protein contents on the left hand corners of the square. Note – disregard the negative or positive value of the numbers. Calculate the percentage of each grain. Add the two portion figures to give the total and calculate each feed as a percentage.

What is the cheapest source of protein for cattle?

At present, corn is the cheapest energy source and DG looks like the cheapest protein source, but like the weather, it will probably change. For more information on protein supplementation for cow diets and selecting a protein source for your operation, contact your local Michigan State University Extension educator.