What are the government schemes in Karnataka?

What are the government schemes in Karnataka?


  • Anila Yojane.
  • Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act Scheme.
  • Sanjeevini – NRLM.
  • National Rural Drinking Water Programme.
  • Sabki Yojana Sabka Vikas.
  • National handloom Development Programme (NHDP)
  • Atal Pension Yojana (APY)
  • Stand Up India Scheme.

Who is the present Chief Secretary to the Government of Karnataka?

P. Ravi Kumar
Shri Thawar Chand Gehlot

Name Designation Email ID
P. Ravi Kumar Chief Secretary to Government [email protected]

What is the work of chief secretary of Karnataka?

The Chief Secretary is responsible for the smooth and efficient functioning of Government of Karnataka. The Chief Secretary advises the Chief Minister and assists the latter to carry out the duties so that all the Government policies, plans , programs and developments are materialized.

What are the schemes for farmers in Karnataka?


  • Chief Minister Raitha Vidya Nidhi.
  • Pradhan Mantri KIsan SAmman Nidhi (PM KISAN)
  • Organic Farming and Millet Promotional Programs.
  • Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana(RKVY RAFTAAR)
  • Guideline and Circulars.
  • Rate Contract.
  • Quality Control and Notifications.
  • Fertilizer Supply Report.

Who appoints chief secretary of state?

The Chief Secretary in a State is appointed by the Governor of that State.

Is Chief Secretary and Cabinet Secretary same?

The Chief Secretary is the administrative head of the State Secretariat, while the Cabinet Secretary is not the administrative head of the Central Secretariat. The Chief Secretary is the ‘Residual Legatee’ at the State level, while the Cabinet Secretary is not the ‘Residual Legatee’ at the Central level.

What are the powers of Chief Secretary?

Powers and functions of Chief Secretary: Administrative head of the State Secretariat and attends the meeting of the Cabinet and its sub-Committees, if necessary. Prepares the agenda for the Cabinet meetings and keeps records of its proceedings. Acts as the head of the State Civil Services.

What is Krishi Bhagya scheme?

The Government of Karnataka launched Krishi Bhagya Scheme exclusively for the dry-land farmers who rely on the annual rainfall for their farming. Since a majority of the Karnataka’s agricultural land (over 70 per cent) is rain-fed, farming activities on those dry lands become challenging during erratic rainfall period.

What is raitha Siri scheme?

The State Government of Karnataka has initiated a new scheme i.e Karnataka Raitha Siri Scheme 2022. As a result of this scheme, the Karnataka state government has to provide 10 thousand per hectare to all the millet farmers. Some farmers working on dry land, which has not suitable for growing millets.