What are the balloon weights called?

What are the balloon weights called?

balloon anchors
Balloon weights, also called balloon anchors or bases, have two goals: to hold your helium balloon bouquet or centerpiece in place and to add to the beauty of…

What are the different balloon sizes?


  • 5 inch (red) and 11 inch (blue)
  • 16 inch (purple)
  • 24 inch (yellow)
  • 10 inch (blue) 12 inch (orange)
  • 2ft (black)
  • 3ft.
  • 4ft.
  • 5.5ft.

How heavy is a balloon weight?

How heavy does a balloon weight need to be? As a good rule of thumb, you typically want your balloon weights to be at least 2 ounces. Most people fill their balloons up with helium or oxygen. A balloon weight of at least 2 ounces would be plenty of weight to hold down the lifting capacity of helium or oxygen.

How do you make cheap balloon weights?

Balloon weights! Just cut an 8 inch square out of burlap and set a rock in the center. Pull up the corners and tie them together using bailing twine (ribbon would look nice too). Tie your balloons to it and ta-da!

What are balloon weights made from?

DIY party helium balloon weights made from drink cans, filled with earth and covered in tissue paper!

How many cm is a normal balloon?

Choose from our available balloon sizes below: 3 ft (90 cm), 30 inch (75 cm), 24 inch (60 cm), 16 inch (40 cm), 11 inch (28 cm), 9 inch (22 cm), and 5 inch (12 cm).

What do you put in balloon weight boxes?

Sand weights are useful for putting into air filled décor to create a sturdy base in decorations such as columns or table centrepieces. They can even be used as weights for helium filled balloons!

How many balloons will a balloon weight hold?

The foil balloon weight can firmly hold up to 15 pieces of 12-inch latex balloons or 40 pieces of 18-inch foil balloons to create fun balloon bouquets and table decorations.