What are the 6 burrows of New York?

What are the 6 burrows of New York?

Boroughs of New York City

  • The Bronx (Bronx County)
  • Brooklyn (Kings County)
  • Manhattan (New York County)
  • Queens (Queens County)
  • Staten Island (Richmond County)

What is the biggest borough in NYC?

With a land area of 109 sq mi, Queens is by far the largest borough, with Brooklyn representing the next largest land area of 71 sq mi. The Bronx and Manhattan are the smallest with only 42 and 23 sq mi respectively.

What is the wealthiest borough in New York City?

Staten Island
Manhattan has the most expensive real estate in the city and most of the richest areas, followed by Brooklyn. The Bronx is the most affordable borough in NYC….NYC Real Estate Median Sales Prices.

Borough Median Sales Price
Queens $605,000
Staten Island $550,000
Bronx $519,000

What are the five boroughs of New York City?

Staten Island. Staten Island is the southernmost borough and is the least populated,with a population of about 480,000.

  • The Bronx. The Bronx is the only borough that is not an island.
  • Queens. Queens is the largest borough with an area of 109.7 square miles.
  • Brooklyn. The population of Brooklyn was estimated to be about 2.63 million in 2016.
  • Manhattan.
  • Why does New York City have five boroughs?

    Huguenot: A Relaxing Residential Neighborhood.

  • Great Kills: It Has Everything You Need.
  • St. George: Convenient for Commuters.
  • New Dorp: Densely Populated and Diverse.
  • Todt Hill: Affluent and Amazing.
  • West New Brighton: Attractive for the Middle Class.
  • Livingston: Tudors Without Traffic.
  • Oakwood Beach: City-Country Charm.
  • How many boroughs in New York?

    Similar to the hidden gems of short films and TV shows we often cover on Shadow and Act, the New York City borough of The Bronx is often overlooked and underrated, especially when compared to its counterparts like Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan. However

    What are the best neighborhoods in NYC?

    – I’m a fourth-generation New Yorker who has been obsessed with food ever since my high chair. – I’m also a food and travel writer who regularly dines out in all five boroughs. – From dives to white tablecloths, these are some of the best places to eat in New York City.