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What are TCF fees?

What are TCF fees?

TCF Bank Fees

Type Amount
Monthly maintenance fees $0-$15
ATM fees $0 for TCF ATMs; $3 for cash withdrawals at non-TCF ATMs
Overdraft fee $37
Incoming wire transfers $15

Does TCF Bank have monthly fees?

TCF Bank Certificates of Deposit Online, mobile, ATMs and physical branches. FDIC insurance up to the maximum amount allowed by law. No monthly fee, but penalties for early withdrawals may apply. The best opportunity for (relatively) higher interest rates at TCF Bank is a certificate of deposit.

What is going on with TCF Bank?

What’s Happening in 2021 Your TCF banking relationship moved to Huntington. TCF banking centers became Huntington branches and you began accessing your accounts at Huntington branches, at ATMs and through Huntington Online Banking. Investment accounts move to Huntington & will be available in Huntington Online Banking.

How do you avoid a deposit fee?

Here are eight ways to avoid bank fees and charges.

  1. Set Up Direct Deposit.
  2. Maintain the Required Minimum Balance.
  3. Use Your Bank’s ATMs.
  4. Watch Your Spending Habits.
  5. Sign Up for Overdraft Protection.
  6. Enroll in Paperless Statements.
  7. Avoid Unnecessary Wire Transfers.
  8. Set Up Alerts and Notifications.

Who owns TCF National Bank?

Huntington Bancshares
TCF Financial Corporation
TCF Bank/Parent organizations

What is TCF free student checking account?

TCF Free Student Checking is available in 50 states (and Washington, DC). $0 monthly fee. This account does not charge a monthly Service Charge. No ATM fees.

Did TCF get bought out?

Those branches officially became Huntington locations last week, and investment accounts from TCF customers transferred to Huntington on Monday, the combined company said. Next month, trust and investment management services will make the transition. Huntington acquired TCF in a $22-billion deal that closed in July.

What is TCF stand for?

TCF stands for Treating Customers Fairly. The FSB descibes it as follows: Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) is an outcomes based regulatory and supervisory approach designed to ensure that specific, clearly articulated fairness outcomes for financial services consumers are delivered by regulated financial firms.

Does Huntington Bank have monthly fees?

At Huntington, we focus on understanding you and your must-haves, whether it’s earning interest, no monthly maintenance fee, or no minimum balance requirement.