What are some similes in the book the pearl?

What are some similes in the book the pearl?

” She looked at him, her eyes cold as the eyes of a lioness.” This is a simile because it is a comparison between two things using “like”or “as”. This is comparing how Juana reacts to her baby that night die because it was her first and only son. ( found on page 7.)

What two similes describe the pearl Kino found?

What two similes describe the pearl Kino found? Write a third of your own. “As perfect as the moon” and “As large as a sea-gull’s egg” describe the pearl Kino found. One simile of my own would be “as bright as a star.”

What does Steinbeck compare the town to in the simile at the beginning of Chapter 3?

Chapter 3 Explain the metaphor at the beginning of chapter 3. What 2 things are being compared? Steinbeck is comparing the town to an animal’s nervous system. The news of Kino finding a pearl is spreading very quickly throughout the town, similar to how a nervous system pumps blood quickly throughout the body.

What does the pearl symbolize in Chapter 3?

She decries the pearl as evil, a sin, and begs Kino to throw it into the sea before it destroys them. Kino refuses, prizing the pearl as their only chance. This is the first time that the pearl itself is acknowledged as a source of evil.

What is the theme of Chapter 2 in the pearl?

A theme that is represented in this chapter is to never give up. Kino was persitent in finding a large enough pearl to be able to afford his son’s treatment from a scoprion sting. Throughout the chapter Kino and Juana showed how much effort they put into finding some sort of salvation.

What are the main characters in the pearl?

The Pearl Characters

  • Kino. A strong, young Native American, Kino is The Pearl’s protagonist and the head of its central family.
  • Juana. Like her husband, Kino, Juana is hard-working, serious, and able to endure great physical and emotional strain.
  • Coyotito.
  • The doctor.
  • The pearl-dealers.
  • The neighbors.
  • The trackers.
  • The priest.

What is an example of personification in Chapter 4 of the pearl?

Chapter IV: As a procession of neighbors and townspeople follow Kino to the pearl buyers, ‘The houses belched people; the doorways spewed out children. ‘ Personifying the houses and doorways expresses the magnitude of fandom that surrounds the pearl.

Why does Kino howl in the pearl?

Why does Kino howl? Kino howls emotionally. He howls for joy because he is happy to find the pearl to give to the doctor so he can cure their son. On page 14, Steinbeck tells us that because the mixture of air and water over the gulf creates mirages, the Indians do not trust what they see with their eyes.

What did the pearl look like in the pearl?

Lesson Summary Juana prays that Kino will find a pearl as he dives under water. Kino finds a very large oyster apart from the others that excites them. When they open it, they find a perfectly shaped silver pearl as big as a ‘sea-gull’s egg’.

How is the doctor described in the pearl?

The doctor is the ultimate embodiment of evil and greed in The Pearl. The opposite of what one would expect of a doctor, whose job is to care for others, he is selfish, indulgent, and malevolent, and cares only about his own wealth and pleasure.

What happens at the end of Chapter 3 of the pearl?

As Juana stares at Coyotito with concern, Kino realizes that he has been careless in not guarding the pearl. Without delay, he wraps the pearl in a rag, digs a hole, and buries the pearl in a corner of the brush house, concealing the hiding place from view.

Who said the pearl is like a sin it will destroy us?

Now the tension which had been growing in Juana boiled up to the surface and her lips were thin. “This thing is evil,” she cried harshly. “This pearl is like a sin! It will destroy us,” and her voice rose shrilly.