What are some customs in Afghanistan?

What are some customs in Afghanistan?

It is rude to walk away from someone while they are still talking to you. Both men and women should dress modestly when meeting an Afghan. In Afghanistan, women should only let their face, hands and feet show, and the definition of the legs should not be distinguishable.

Who shakes hands in Afghanistan?

Some Afghan men and women may be comfortable shaking hands with the opposite gender. However, men should wait until a woman extends her hand first before extending his own hand for a handshake. Men may greet women by placing their hand over their heart and nodding.

How do Afghans feel about hospitality?

“In Afghanistan, hospitality is such a huge part of culture. If you receive an invitation to join someone in their home, it might be a courtesy invite. It is likely you will receive a second and a third invitation.

Do Afghanistan celebrate birthdays?

In fact, there are no birthdays here, just once-in-a-lifetime type events like the “cradle celebration,” in which Afghans invite friends and family—mostly women—to celebrate a baby’s new bed. “There is only one real party in your life,” says Sayed. “So when you grow up there is no party, until your wedding.

What is considered rude in Afghan culture?

The thumbs-up gesture is considered rude and has the same connotation as raising one’s middle finger for traditional Afghans. The “OK” sign with the hand can symbolise the evil eye or something more lewd. Stroking one’s beard or pounding a fist into one’s hand may signify revenge.

What is thank you in Afghanistan?

تشکر tashakkor
The most common Afghan word for ‘thank you’ is تشکر tashakkor, which may sound formal to the Iranian ear.

Is thumbs up in Afghanistan offensive?

Do Afghans know their ages?

They have no concept of age because they don’t know on which date they were born. Kind of like the way these people lived…pretty much “in the now” at all times. Yes, in societies where there is no mandatory education there are people who can’t read, count, or understand a calendar.

What does a thumbs up mean in Afghanistan?