What are some Cinco de Mayo words?

What are some Cinco de Mayo words?

Cinco de Mayo Vocabulary

  • amigo – a male friend.
  • amiga – a female friend.
  • bueno – good.
  • castanets – a Mexican noise maker made of two pieces of wood.
  • cinco – the number five.
  • de – of.
  • fiesta – a celebration or party.
  • maraca – a Mexican rattle or noisemaker that makes sounds when shaken.

What is Chevere?

The Meaning of “Chévere” “Chévere” is a popular word for “cool” that is heard throughout Colombia, though it is not exclusive to that country. The population in neighbouring Venezuela, for instance, also enjoy using it a fair old amount.

What do Mexicans say to celebrate Cinco de Mayo?

¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

How do you say okay in Colombia?

The word listo literally means “ready,” but is also used in Colombia to say “okay!” ¿Nos vemos por la tarde? ¡Listo!

What does Fiesta mean in Spanish?

What does fiesta de despedida mean in Spanish? fiesta de despedida. English Translation. farewell party. More meanings for fiesta de despedida. firing party. fiesta de despedida.

How to say celebration in Spanish?

Spanish words for celebration include celebración, festejo and festejó. Find more Spanish words at!

What is the meaning of the word Fiesta?

“The three-day food fiesta provided the gourmets the opportunity to savor cuisines from various corners of the country and abroad.” Noun An extended period of leisure and recreation, especially one involving travel

How to Say Party in Spanish?

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