What are British Legion clubs?

What are British Legion clubs?

Legion clubs are independent businesses registered with the Financial Conduct Authority. The clubs are licensed to use the Legion’s name and logo.

What’s the difference between RBL and RBLI?

You can find out more here. HOW IS RBLI DIFFERENT FROM THE ROYAL BRITISH LEGION? RBLI is a separate charity, both in governance and finance, from the Royal British Legion. RBLI has a distinct and consistent focus on service delivery, particularly in providing employment, care and housing to the Armed Forces Community.

How do I join the British Legion Club?

How to Join

  1. Join Online.
  2. Phone our Membership Helpline: 0800 307 7773 (UK – free), 1800 911 936 (Republic of Ireland) or +44 207 191 1091 (overseas – full rate applies).
  3. Fill out and post a paper application form to the address stated on the form.

How much does the director general of the Royal British Legion get paid?

In accordance with this policy, the Executive Director of MSF UK receives a salary of £73,000 per annum. This is slightly more than three times the salary of our lowest paid office worker. Other members of the management team receive salaries between £50,000 and £70,000.”

How much does the RBL have in the bank?

The RBL is the wealthiest of Britain’s ten biggest military charities. Between them, these ten have combined assets of £1.4 billion, plus reserves of £277 million, prompting increasingly angry accusations of ‘cash hoarding’.

Is Royal British Legion Industries legit?

Royal British Legion Industries (RBLI) is a charity that provides employment, support, housing and care to the British Armed Forces community. Their employment support programme, LifeWorks, has helped hundreds of veterans back to work across the UK.

Can I join a Royal British Legion social club?

The new Royal British Legion logo and brand identity is launched in it’s 100th Year Anniversary. If you would like to join an affiliated Legion social club, see the branch list where nearly half have RBL social clubs operating.

How many Legion clubs are there in the UK?

There are 427 registered Legion clubs in England and Wales, 28 in Northern Ireland and 3 in the Channel Islands. How can I find my nearest club? Please contact us for details of the local Membership Support Officer who can give you details of your nearest clubs.

What is the Royal British Legion’s policy on politics?

The Royal British Legion is legally required to remain politically neutral. expressing personal political, religious or other views that could be deemed offensive you must never share confidential, personal, financial or sensitive information.

What are the rules and regulations of a Legion club?

Each club has its own set of rules. You will need to contact them with any queries about membership or access to a club. It may vary from club to club. It is common practise for clubs to charge an entry fee for guests of members and the committee. Any complaints about Legion clubs should be addressed to the club’s committee.