Is Zur the Enchanter Cedh?

Is Zur the Enchanter Cedh?

Zur, the enchanter (Cedh)(Stax) (Commander / EDH MTG Deck)

Is Zur a good commander?

Zur the enchanter is a great commander. He’s most definitely tier 1 (amongst 10-15 other generals) and arguably top 3 in the format when built in the best possible way.

How do you counter Zur the Enchanter?

Zur the Enchanter doesn’t cause anything to be cast. The enchantment card is simply put onto the battlefield. It can’t be countered. The ability itself can be countered by something like Stifle , but only before it begins to resolve.

Can zur get around Hexproof?

No, he still can. Because you aren’t casting the Auras, but rather putting them onto the battlefield via Zur, they don’t target, and thus can be put on any target with shroud or hexproof (even your opponent’s creatures!)

How does shimmer zur work?

Shimmer Zur is a mid-range storm deck that utilizes Shimmer Myr and Aetherflux Reservoir to deal massive amounts of damage to your opponents, with Demonic Consultation and Thassa’s Oracle as an alternate win-con.

How does shimmer zur win?

On a main phase we play Lab Maniac + a draw spell with an empty library to win. At instant speed we storm off with Shimmer Myr + Aetherflux Reservoir . If Doomsday is found in the large draws then it becomes the wincon as long as Laboratory Maniac has not been exiled.

How do you stop zur the enchanter in EDH?

You’re running black and red – which means it is time to get mean.

  1. Destroy their mana base. Utterly destroy it.
  2. While black and red and weak against enchantments, red and black are excellent against white and blue.
  3. Stop the searches.
  4. Keep the dead, dead.

Does Zur the Enchanter work with auras?

Zur the Enchanter rulings: 2020-11-10: If you put an Aura onto the battlefield without being cast, you choose what it will enchant as it enters the battlefield.