Is WikiArt copyrighted?

Is WikiArt copyrighted?

WikiArt presents both public domain and copyright protected artworks. The latter are showcased in accordance with fair use principle: as historically significant artworks. as used for informational and educational purposes.

Where is Diego Velázquez from?

Seville, SpainDiego Velázquez / Place of birthSeville is the capital and largest city of the Spanish autonomous community of Andalusia and the province of Seville. It is situated on the lower reaches of the River Guadalquivir, in the southwest of the Iberian Peninsula. Wikipedia

What was Velazquez known for?

Diego Velázquez was one of the most important Spanish painters of the 17th century, a giant of Western art. He had a keen eye and a prodigious facility with the brush. His works often show strong modeling and sharp contrasts of light, resembling the dramatic lighting technique called tenebrism.

Did Diego Velázquez have kids?

Francisca de Silva Velázquez y Pacheco
Ignacia de Silva Velázquez y PachecoAntonio de Silva
Diego Velázquez/Children

Can you download art from WikiArt?

Run python3 –datadir ./wikiart-saved/ fetch . This will download the paintings from the artists that weren’t removed from the list.

Who was the patron of Velázquez?

The powerful minister Olivares was the early and constant patron of the painter. His impassive, saturnine face is familiar to us from the many portraits painted by Velazquez.

What does the last name Velázquez mean?

son of Velasco
Velázquez. Place of origin. Spain. Velázquez, also Velazquez, Velásquez or Velasquez (/vəˈlæskɛz/, /-ˈlæz-/), is a surname from Spain. It is a patronymic name, meaning “son of Velasco”

Who did El Greco marry?

It was in Toledo that El Greco also found love — perhaps for a second time. He had a relationship with a woman identified in some court documents as Jeronima de las Cuevas, but he never married her.