Is UberStrike dead?

Is UberStrike dead?

uberstrike is dead… After a tiring day of playing… Return of Uberstrike 2020! [SEE AT END OF POST HOW TO PLAY]

What makes warehouse 215 events unique?

What makes Warehouse 215 events unique? Warehouse 215 — located in the heart of Phoenix’s urban-chic Warehouse District — is 10,000 square feet of flexible interior space and a 1,500 square foot, beautifully landscaped patio.

Why did UberStrike shut down?

Since we all know that Uberstrike decided to close down it;s server forever due to excessive hackers and their inability to control and make the game hack-free(probably this was the reason).

What is warehouse 215 in Phoenix?

By reviving the spirit of earlier endeavors, Warehouse 215 has helped to facilitate the growth of Phoenix’s Warehouse District, a part of the City we love. Warehouse 215 at Bentley Projects now enjoys its rightful place in one of Phoenix’s most talked about up-and-coming neighborhoods.