Is Thorens td-160 a good turntable?

Is Thorens td-160 a good turntable?

Thorens TD-160 Review. The Thorens TD-160 turntable is a tweaker’s heaven. It is arguably Thorens’ second best turntable behind the TD-124. The Thorens TD-160 is an incredibly good looking turntable, if minimalism is your thing. The two knobs control the cueing lever and the pulley to switch between 33 and 45 rpm.

Where can I find information on Thorens turntables?

The Analog Department has a wealth of information on all things Thorens, including all the modifications you could think of. Its presentation is a little lacking, but if you can persist through the ‘wall of text’ style information and awkward navigation you will find detailed how to’s and guides on turntable setup.

Should I buy a td-150 or td-160?

The TD-150 vs the TD-160 is a pretty close battle that isn’t worthy of a great deal of consideration. If you can find either at a decent price, consider yourself lucky.

Is the MkI td-160 worth it?

The mkI TD-160 is the second choice, which might seem a little counter-intuitive. Apparently, the central bearing and tonearm (the excellent TP-16) are superior on the early model 160s. People planning to go all the way with modifying their TD-160 may not care much about differences in models, as relative weaknesses can be overcome with tweaking.

How much is a Thorens TD 900?

The previous incarnation of the Thorens brand, founded by Heinz Rohrer, had in the mid- 2010’s launched the TD 900 series also featuring the classic sprung chassis, but prices ranged upwards of almost $10,000 and the looks were “industrial”.

What is the difference between a TD150 and a TD160?

The TD160 was designed for mass production by the –then new– employees at Lahr (Black Forest area in Germany). The TD150 was designed by the team in Switzerland before the company made an alliance with EMT and moved to Lahr, (while leaving most of its workforce in Switzerland behind!)