Is there an app that tells you what a house sold for?

Is there an app that tells you what a house sold for?

Best Overall Zillow Zillow is arguably the best known real estate app, and for good reason. Zillow was a pioneer in online home value estimates​ and tells users estimated home values, past sale prices and more for virtually every home in the United States.

Is Zillow price history accurate?

Are Zillow sold prices accurate? Zillow’s sold prices are not 100% accurate. Zillow scrapes its data from 3rd party sources that access public records. The site won’t receive data from county offices governed by non-disclosure laws, they have to rely on local agents directly.

How do I find out what a house sold for in Texas?

Even though Texas is a non-disclosure state, you can find the prices a home sold for using the HAR Platinum App. Whether you’re buying a home and want to see what homes sold for, or getting ready to list your home and curious what your neighbor’s house sold for recently.

Why do sellers take their house off the market?

Off-market listings are properties that are for sale but aren’t listed on multiple listing services. Some sellers desire an off-market listing to test the waters, maintain privacy, save on commissions, or create a sense of exclusivity that could result in a higher selling price.

Is HouseSigma a good app?

Best app out there to date As an agent myself, this app is the best one out there. Has sold data, rental data, market stats, community stats .. the list goes on. The map search is so great. Love this app.

Do views on Zillow mean anything?

Views don’t mean a thing. Showings and offers are the real feedback on your home.

Can you erase price history on Zillow?

@Tracy D. From my understanding you cannot clean sales price history on Zillow. It is the actual data based on MLS . If the MLS is incorrect, you may need to approach fixing the MLS.

Are home sale prices public record in Texas?

Texas is one of a handful of states that are considered “non-disclosure” states. This means there is no law that allows the state government, including appraisal districts, to force you to provide it with sales price information.