Is there a 2022 M2?

Is there a 2022 M2?

Look for the new M2 to debut later in 2022 as a 2023 model. Production will be handled at BMW’s plant in San Luis Potosi, Mexico.

Is there going to be a new M2?

BMW is developing a new rear-wheel-drive M2 performance coupé, as part of a future compact M car line-up that will include a four-wheel-drive M2 Gran Coupé and a 1 Series with more than 400bhp.

Did they stop making M2?

A recent leak predicted BMW would end current M2 production in June 2021. The next-generation M2 will enter production in December 2022, meaning there will be a significant gap. Given the production timing, we expect this model to arrive as the 2023 BMW M2.

Does BMW still make M2?

BMW leaves well enough alone with the 2021 M2 Competition. The high-performance coupe enters the new model year without any changes whatsoever.

When did M2 release?

M. 2 is a specification for internal expansion cards on PC mainboards and notebook computers. M. 2 was conceived as an successor of the mSATA interface and for the first time introduced by Intel in 2012 under the label Next Generation Form Factor (NGFF).

Did BMW stop making the M2?

BMW will allegedly start production of the M2 in December 2022 and end it in early 2029.

Is BMW still making the M2?

BMW isn’t expected to launch the new M2 until the end of 2022, and the car might not reach UK showrooms until the beginning of 2023, so pricing details still haven’t been confirmed.

Is BMW still making the M2 competition?

How much is a 2022 BMW M2?

2022 BMW M2 Competition Coupe: $58,900 starting MSRP.