Is the Pentax KM a good camera?

Is the Pentax KM a good camera?

Overall not a bad Pentax body, but you can get a KX for close to the same price and the KX is a better overall choice. However as a fully manual film camera for “students” this is a way better choice than a K1000 and is around the same price….Pentax KM.

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How old is a Pentax camera?

In 1957, Asahi introduced the Pentax series, a 35 mm single-lens reflex camera (SLR) camera which was so well received that it influenced the design of 35 mm SLRs worldwide for years to come.

Which digital cameras use Pentax K mount?

The other new Pentax K-mount lens is the HD Pentax DA 560mm f/5.6 ED AW HD super-telephoto lens with a 35mm-equivalent 859mm focal length. The lens has an AF driving motor installed in its barrel, which promotes smooth autofocus operation….

Lens Mount PENTAX K(AF3)
Weight (Without Hood) 107.2 oz (3040 g)

How many megapixels is the Pentax K-7?

. The Pentax K-7 features a rugged, yet compact new body design, a new 14.6 megapixel CMOS sensor rebuilt from the ground up, and advanced features such as HD Movie Capture and new, unique-to-Pentax camera controls.

Is the Pentax K20D a good camera?

Pentax’s cameras have also catered well for this market in the shape of the competitively-priced K20D, a very likeable, solid upgrade to the K10D. Both cameras offered robust semi-pro build quality and a fairly advanced degree of environmental sealing, combined with a good level of customizability and well worked-out handling.

What is the resolution of the K-7’s video?

The K-7 will capture video at the default standard of 1280×720 resolution with a 16:9 aspect ratio (equivalent to 720p), 1536×1024 resolution with a 3:2 aspect ratio, or 640×416 resolution with a 3:2 aspect ratio (equivalent to VGA quality), all shot at 30 frames per second.

What are the features of the Nikon K-7?

The K-7 features a large 3.0 inch color LCD monitor with 921,000 dot resolution. The wide-view design allows the photographer to check the monitor image from approximately 170 degrees both vertically and horizontally, facilitating low and high-angle shooting using the Live View function.