Is the Luke and Grogu poster real?

Is the Luke and Grogu poster real?

While the poster is official in the sense it’s licensed by Lucasfilm, it hasn’t actually come from their own art department, so it might not be an indication of the direction The Mandalorian season 3 is headed – and might not even be canon at all, as Walks wrote in a comment on Instagram: “LFL was kind enough to give …

Why is Luke Skywalker missing in the force awakens?

He’s probably been gone for the last 10-15 years, relative to the events in The Force Awakens. Luke was 23 during the events in Return of the Jedi, so he would be 53 now. Therefore, he’s probably been missing since he was 38-43, and set up the Jedi academy sometime between he was 23 and 38.

What does it mean when Luke Skywalker disappears?

He disappears because he becomes one with the Force. Much like Obi-Wan and Yoda fading away when they die, they became one with the force, becoming an ethereal entity still capable of interacting with the physical world. He went into the force after using up a lot of force energy short and sweet answer.

Does Luke Skywalker fail Grogu?

If Grogu, also known to the Star Wars fandom as Baby Yoda, is one of Luke’s first failures as a Jedi Master and teacher before his formation of a new Jedi academy, his experiences training Grogu might provide a better background for his treatment of Ben Solo, as revealed in Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Why did Luke Skywalker leave a map if he didn’t want to be found?

He didn’t leave a complete map for people to follow. Remember Ach-To is the lost site of the first Jedi temple. Luke himself didn’t know where it was and had to track down its location. Presumably he told someone that he was planning to find that temple, so they knew that if they found the temple they’d find him.

Can Luke be in The Mandalorian?

Luke Skywalker returned. After several years of complaining from Star Wars fanboys, everyone was ostensibly thrilled by the surprise appearance of a de-aged Mark Hamill in the Season 2 finale of The Mandalorian, titled “The Rescue.”

Did Luke go to Exegol?

Luke, with his years of experience, years of learning to master his emotions and control his actions, did not allow the sight of these nine weapons to surprise him. Because… of course they had lightsabers. He was on Exegol, the Sith world, the heart of darkness.

Will Baby Yoda get a lightsaber?

Yoda was the same species as Grogu, which meant that his lightsaber was the perfect size for the Star Wars universe’s new favorite character. It seems unlikely he that will ever get to wield it since he chose to leave Luke’s Jedi academy and return to Tatooine.

Does Luke have Yoda’s lightsaber?

So Luke offers Grogu a choice by putting a piece of Mandalorian net armor (given to him by The Mandalorian earlier in the episode) and a small lightsaber before him. Luke said that the lightsaber was the same one owned by Yoda.