Is the Hollywood Canteen still open?

Is the Hollywood Canteen still open?

The Hollywood Canteen, which had been in operation since October 1942, closed its doors after one last hoorah on Thanksgiving Day, November 22, 1945. The entertainment venue was exclusively for servicemen and women and entrance to the canteen was free. Needless to say, it was tremendously popular.

Who owned the Hollywood Canteen?

Two soldiers on leave spend three nights at a club offering free of charge food, dancing, and entertainment for servicemen on their way overseas. Club founders Bette Davis and John Garfield Read all.

Where was the original Hollywood Canteen located?

1451 Cahuenga Boulevard
Stein operated at 1451 Cahuenga Boulevard in the Los Angeles, California, neighborhood of Hollywood between October 3, 1942, and November 22, 1945 (Thanksgiving Day), as a club offering food, dancing and entertainment for servicemen, usually on their way overseas.

Was the Hollywood Canteen segregated?

Upon seeing that tables were not segregated at the canteen, many white soldiers opted to leave in lieu of sitting and chatting with fellow service members of African-American descent.

Who started the Hollywood Canteen?

Started by Bette Davis and John Garfield, this all-star nightclub was serviced by a 3,000-member team of Hollywood professionals. As an enlisted man on your way overseas to fight, this might have been one of the last chances for fun for quite some time.

Who played slim in Hollywood Canteen?

Robert Hutton
Slim Green (Robert Hutton) and Sgt. Nolan (Dane Clark) discover the Hollywood Canteen, a USO-inspired club staffed entirely by Hollywood stars.

How long was the Hollywood Canteen open?

From October 3, 1942 to November 22, 1945 the Hollywood Canteen offered entertainment, dancing, and food to service men and women. A spot exclusively for the enlisted, the club was not open to the public, but stars in Hollywood could buy a ticket for $50!

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