Is the E39 good for drifting?

Is the E39 good for drifting?

As you can easily see, the E39 in any form offers an incredibly valuable combination of attributes that make it the perfect drift sled in lieu of otherwise ‘traditional’ drift cars that now demand a premium thanks to their popularity.

Is BMW M5 good for drifting?

The E60-generation BMW M5 is one of the coolest sedans ever built. I should know—I owned one, after all. With a naturally aspirated V-10 capable of revving past 8000 rpm under the hood, it’s one of the most unique and special four-doors on the road. And it makes for an exceedingly good drift car, judging by this video.

Is an E39 M5 a good investment?

If you own a BMW E39 M5 we’d recommend holding on to it, as it can turn into a good investment in just a few years. Prices for such cars have been steadily going up. One good thing about them is that production ended in 2003 so they aren’t that old and you can still find decent models up and running.

Is E39 rear wheel drive?

Rack and pinion steering was used for four- and six-cylinder models, the first time that a 5 Series has used this steering system in significant volumes. Unlike its E34 predecessor and E60 successor, the E39 was not available with all-wheel drive….

BMW 5 Series (E39)
Successor BMW 5 Series (E60)

Who has the longest drift record?

Porsche Taycan Sets Guinness Record for Longest Drift in an Electric Car. Porsche driving instructor Dennis Retera drifted a Taycan for nearly an hour, going sideways for 26.2 miles. A Porsche driving instructor in Germany drifted a Taycan EV for 26.2 miles—yes, the length of a marathon.

Will the E39 M5 be a classic?

Many consider the E39 M5 to be the perfect blend of power and luxury with it destined to be a cult classic. There are plenty of forums and websites dedicated to the E39 M5, so it’s clear it has quite a fan-base out there.