Is the Benelli SuperNova worth it?

Is the Benelli SuperNova worth it?

The SuperNova is a very reliable shotgun, pump action shotguns, in general, are quite reliable. There isn’t much that can go wrong with them. For this reason, buying a used pump shotgun is not a bad option.

Is Benelli SuperNova Tactical a good shotgun?

While it isn’t a cheap shotgun, it is priced considerably less than Benelli self-loading shotguns. This shotgun is the Benelli SuperNova Tactical. The SuperNova is an interesting, reliable and effective shotgun.

What is the difference between a Benelli SuperNova and a Benelli Nova?

Differences Between the Benelli Nova and SuperNova The main differences between the Nova and SuperNova are in the stock and the trigger guard. The stock options with the SuperNova are wider, and the trigger guard is more spacious, allowing for gloved hands to release that round with greater ease.

How much does a Benelli Nova shotgun cost?


Item Number Stock Finish MSRP
20000 Black Synthetic $449
20003 Black Synthetic $449
20006 Black Synthetic $449
20071 Realtree Max-5® $559

What shells can a Benelli Supernova shoot?

The lightweight Nova 12-gauge model handles loads from light target to 3½-inch magnum, and the 20-gauge can shoot shells up to 3-inch magnum. Benelli’s SuperNova adds the exclusive ComforTech® recoil-reduction system, which reduces felt recoil up to 48% without added weight.

How many shells does a Benelli Supernova hold?


Benelli Supernova
Barrel length 18-28 in. (457.2-711.2mm)
Cartridge 12-gauge shotshell
Action Pump-action
Feed system 4+1 internal magazine

How much is a Benelli SuperNova Tactical?

SuperNova Tactical Pump-Action Shotguns

Item Number Stock Finish MSRP
20145 Black Synthetic $539
20155 Black Synthetic $559
20160 Black Synthetic $549

What shells can a Benelli SuperNova shoot?

Should I buy a Benelli Nova or supernova?

Main Differences Between Benelli Nova and Supernova The trigger guard of the Benelli Nova is less spacious in comparison. The trigger guard of Supernova is more spacious in comparison. The receiver of Supernova is less ergonomically pleasing. In comparison, he receiver of Supernova is more ergonomically pleasing.

How many rounds does a Benelli Supernova hold?

Ammunition. The SuperNova is chambered to accept 12 gauge rounds, holding four with one in the chamber.

What kind of barrel does a Benelli Nova have?

The rifled and smoothbore barrels are available in a wide variety of lengths. These are between 24 inches to 28 inches. The model also comes in camouflage as well as matte finishes. The tactical model comes with an 18.5-inch smoothbore barrel along with rifle sights.

Is the Benelli Supernova better than the supernova?

On the other hand, Benelli makes a superior shotgun. Overall, the Supernova has exceeded my expectations. I am completely happy with my Benelli now. But knowing what I know now, would I do it all over again and choose the Benelli?

What is a Supernova pump shotgun?

The SuperNova Pump Shotgun is a strong, lightweight 12-gauge, chambered for 3-1/2-inch magnum—impervious to all weather conditions. ComforTech ® recoil reduction system Steel skeletal framework over-molded with high-tech polymer

Does Benelli’s Comfortech make a shotgun kick harder?

Benelli claims that other shotguns kick more than 40 percent harder without the sophisticated ComforTech stock. It’s hard to tell without a side-by-side comparison with a standard stock shotgun, but … it still felt like I was shooting a 12-gauge shotgun.

What kind of shells can the supernova take?

The Supernova can take up to 3 ½ inch shells, but I stuck to 2 ¾ inch for this trip. I tried to shoot a range of different shells – Federal 00 buck, Federal 1 once rifled slugs and Brenneke Special Forces Maximum Penetration Magnum 1 3/8 ounce breaching slugs.