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Is tanzanite better with white or yellow gold?

Is tanzanite better with white or yellow gold?

Platinum would be the best second choice for tanzanite followed by 18k yellow or rose gold and (lastly) white gold.

Is tanzanite good for a ring?

With a Mohs hardness rating of 6.5 to 7.0, tanzanite is an appropriate gem for engagement and wedding rings, but it does require special care (see special care below). Tanzanite is slightly lighter in weight than a diamond and has a refractive index (light reflective quality) similar to a sapphire.

What is the current price of tanzanite?

.80-1.25ct $425 $260
1.25-1.99ct $550 $325
2.00-2.99ct $650 $450
3.00ct & Up $750 $450

Can tanzanite ring be worn everyday?

Yes, you can wear tanzanite jewelry every day (if need be) but with utmost care from your end. Remember, this jewel exhibits perfect cleavage, which indicates its tendency to getting chipped or damaged if it receives a sharp blow.

Is tanzanite a hard stone?

While tanzanite is not as hard or as tough as a stone like sapphire, it still can be worn in all types of jewelry with proper precautions against rough wearing or hard blows. Tanzanite is stable under normal wearing conditions, which means it’s resistant to the effects of heat, light, and common chemicals.

Is tanzanite used in jewelry?

Like the rare gem alexandrite, tanzanite also has the ability to color change from more blue in daylight to more violet in incandescent light. Tanzanite is safely used in fine jewelry including pendants, earrings and with some caution rings and bracelets.

Can you wear Tanzanite ring everyday?

What colour tanzanite is best?

Tanzanite is usually either blue-dominant, or violet-dominant. Though personal preference should be considered before making a tanzanite purchase, it is generally accepted that blue-dominant tanzanite is a better option from an investment point of view, as it is more rare and likely to yield a higher return.