Is SPAL a good fan?

Is SPAL a good fan?

5.0 out of 5 stars SPAL fans are GREAT!! SPAL make the best fans in the market. Save your money by buying Spal. If you are considering Mishimoto, don’t waste your money.

Can SPAL fans be reversed?

Reversing Direction Switching the plus and minus leads on most electric fans will reverse the rotation and in fact some fans are designed to be reversible, but many are not (always check with the manufacturer). The technicians at Spal tell us their fan motors are optimized to operate in one direction or the other.

How many watts is a SPAL fan?

The SPAL 14-inch brushless 500-watt fan system is also very simple to install with a single harness of shielded wires in one durable sheath.

How do you identify a SPAL fan?

The SPAL model number will tell you the type of shroud it has, the type of motor & whether it’s a puller or a pusher-style fan. Genuine SPAL Fans will have an OEM number on a silver sticker, normally located on the back (or side) of the motor.

Where are SPAL fans made?

The SPAL production facility in Correggio, Italy, currently covers a total production area of 538,000+ square feet, accommodates over 500 employees and houses the engineering, research & development, and manufacturing departments.

What happens if you reverse the polarity on a fan?

Most fans have reverse polarity protection. If you hook it up the wrong way it simply does nothing. They’re designed to push air in one direction and the manufacturers have ensured that’s the only way they’ll work.

Are SPAL fans waterproof?

High-Performance Fans and Blowers Suitable for heavy duty conditions. Sealed, waterproof, IP68 certified, dustproof, durable and reliable with superior performance.

Are SPAL fans Dual Speed?

Paddle Style Blades. Patented Motor Design. Dual High Performance Fans offer the ultimate airflow advantage….Features:

A/C Relay Included No
Fan Quantity Dual
Fan Style Puller
Fan Type Electric
Hardware Included No

Who owns SPAL fans?

SPAL Automotive Srl
SPAL USA, the North American subsidiary of SPAL Automotive Srl, has been providing products from Italy since 1989.

Do electric fans add horsepower?

In a normal pickup situation, even in high ambient temperatures, the electric fan system will only draw a maximum of about 5 horsepower from the engine. This significant savings improves fuel economy, and, in turn, reduces emissions while improving vehicle performance.

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What does SPAL do?

of vehicles and equipment. Founded in Correggio, Italy in 1959, SPAL specializes in airflow cooling systems designs. sports and industrial equipment. blowers and 12V accessories since 1989.

What is the history of the football club SPAL?

Between 1939 and 1943 the club temporarily changed its name to A.C. Ferrara, wearing the black and white colours of the city. After the suspension of the championships due to war, in 1945 the club returned to the name SPAL and to the light blue and white kits.

Why choose SPAL engines?

These are the cornerstones on which, over the years, SPAL has built up its credibility, presenting itself as the ideal partner for designing, producing and marketing engine compartment and interior cooling solutions for all types of transport vehicles.