Is shall seal the Heavens?

Is shall seal the Heavens?

I Shall Seal the Heavens is the story of the young scholar Meng Hao, who gets forcibly recruited into a sect of immortal cultivators. In the cultivation world, the strong prey on the weak, and the law of the jungle prevails.

Who is Dongliu?

Shui Dongliu is a recurring character in I Shall Seal the Heavens. He is one of the major characters in the novel. He was the so-called Outsider that advised Meng Hao’s parents, Fang Xiufeng and Meng Li, to leave Meng Hao’s life to fate during the latter’s third seventh year tribulation.

Who is Allheaven?

Allheaven is a clone of The Immortal from the Universe. At some point, he and a woman, Ancient-Immortal, were being chased by Lord Fifth while Allheaven’s true body, The Immortal, was locked down in a fight with Lord Fifth’s Master.

Is shall seal the Heavens Wiki?

I Shall Seal the Heavens is a novel written by the Chinese author Er Gen (耳根) and published on Qidian. It was translated by Deathblade; the chapters are published on Wuxiaworld. This wiki contain MAJOR SPOILERS.

How many words is Issth?

3.3 million words
The final word count for ISSTH in English is 3.3 million words!

Who wrote I shall seal the Heavens?

author Ergen
I Shall Seal the Heavens, written by celebrated Chinese author Ergen, is one of the most beloved xianxia cultivation novels, read on Wuxiaworld by tens of thousands of people.

Is Wang Lin the God?

The God’s real name is Wang Lin, who is the main protagonist of the prequel novel Renegade Immortal. The God transcended through the path of Heaven Trampling. Much like how Meng Hao became The Demon, The God received his title after destroying the God Pillar and receiving its power.

Who is lord fifth?

Lord Fifth is a parrot and one of Meng Hao’s closest companions along with the Meat Jelly. When Lord Fifth was first introduced he was a ‘normal’ parrot who was sealed within the Copper Mirror.

Who is the immortal in I shall seal the Heavens?

-The Immortal is one of the five beings; alongside the God, Devil, Demon and the Ghost, that can single-handedly shake the entire Vast Expanse. He is the true self of Allheaven but his identity remains a mystery.

How many words are in I shall seal the heavens?

Conversation. The final word count for ISSTH in English is 3.3 million words!

How many books are in I shall seal the heavens?

10 books
There are 10 books in this series. Select the number of items you want to purchase.

Is I shall seal the heavens wuxia or xianxia?

xianxia cultivation

How did Meng Hao get to the Dao seeking stage?

Meng Hao used the Nine Heavens Treasured Body Seals along with spirit severing treasures he got from the Divine Flame Trial to make his hand reach the Dao Seeking Stage. Later on the attack on the Black Sieve Sect he returned to the blessed land and used the tribulation lightning to reach a Dao Seeking Fleshly Body.

How powerful is Meng Hao?

Meng Hao is capable of fusing these Nascent Souls to double his existing power, up to 256 times greater than a peak Nascent Soul Cultivator is naturally. Following this he realized he could grow even more by condensing that 256 back to one whole, essentially making that his base power and using it to forge a blade to reach Spirit Severing.

What are Meng Hao’s feats?

Feats: Meng Hao possesses a tremendous Divine Sense that can go even beyond the Vast Expanse and reach the Void that exists outside. In his revenge against the 33 Heaven, his mere presence affected the natural and magical Laws of the Vast Expanse. It was like another Heaven/Realm suppressing all creation.

What did Meng Hao get from Uncle Shangguan?

His Master Uncle Shangguan and two Inner Sect Disciples were in charge of handing out pills and Spirit Stones. One of the Inner Sect Disciples was Xu Qing, the woman that brought him to the Sect. Meng Hao was supposed to get a Dry Spirit Pill as a reward for recent promotion.