Is Riddex any good?

Is Riddex any good?

5.0 out of 5 starsYes, it really does work. I purchased a Riddex about 15 years ago (mainly to prove to my sister that it didn’t work) and I didn’t realize how well it worked until recently. We’ve never had any mice but thought that might be due to the cats (needed a fail-over).

How does Riddex Sonic plus work?

ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVES: This high-tech pest defender uses deterrents to keep vermin and insects away. Simply plug it into an outlet and let Riddex work its magic. It forces rodents and bugs out of your home with agitating electromagnetic waves that you won’t even be able to hear.

Does the ultrasonic pest repeller work?

In summary, ultrasonic pest repellers emit high-frequency sounds that manufacturers claim reduce household pest infestation, but laboratory tests have shown that the majority of such devices do not work as advertised, in violation of FTC guidelines.

What is Riddex quad?

The Riddex Quad is the company’s response to the wave of multifunctional devices recently hitting the market. Surrounding the Riddex ultrasonic pest repeller is a wave of functional features, but does this product measure up in your quest to repell mice, roaches, spiders, and other similar indoor pests? Let’s find out.

How long does the ultrasonic pest repeller last?

three to five years
On average, an ultrasonic pest repeller lasts from three to five years. You know that it’s working if the LED light on the device is lit. You can buy a six-pack of these devices for less than $30.

Does Riddex work for roaches?

Our simple Riddex pest repeller plug-in is a one-stop solution for rats, mice, and insects infesting your home. WORKS 24 HOURS WITH PATENTED TECHNOLOGY: This durable rodent repellent device is an excellent way to get rid of bugs and mice. Use it to control cockroach or rodent infestations in your home.

Is Riddex safe for pets?

Like all ultrasonic pest repellers, the Riddex Pest Repelling Aid does not rely on any chemical to do its work which means it is safe to use around children, pets, or even you!

How does Riddex® plus work?

Simply plug in a single Riddex® Plus and it immediately turns the wiring in your home into a giant digital pest repeller creating an invisible digital force field. Chasing mice, rats, and roaches from your home by interfering with their nervous systems.

Does Riddex pulse get rid of mice?

Riddex® Pulse – Get Rid of Pests: Mice, Rats & Cockroaches! Mice, Rats, and Roaches… GUARANTEED!

Is Riddex safe for electronic devices?

Safe for electronic equipment. Riddex® Plus is so safe, it’s listed with Underwriters Laboratories, the Environmental Protection Agency, and is fully compliant with the Federal Communications Commission. The, official TV Product, Riddex® Plus works with the wiring in your home.

How do you use Riddex plus pest repeller?

Use it to control cockroach or rodent infestations in your home. If you’re tired of ants and spiders taking over your house, the Riddex Plus Pest Repeller is an easy way to drive them away with its odorless patented electromagnetic technology. This multi-use mouse repellent plug-in is a must-have for any household.