Is Reply 1994 based on true story?

Is Reply 1994 based on true story?

The series follows the historically and culturally significant events that happened in the country in 1994 and the years that followed, including the emergence of seminal K-pop group Seo Taiji and Boys, the Sampoong Department Store collapse and the birth of the Korean Basketball League.

Who married a Jung In Reply 1994?

Na Jung marries Trash. Binggeure (played by B1A4 member Baro), who was silently questioning his sexuality, marries a female doctor. Chil Bong also got married — though we never see his wife.

Is Reply 1994 a continuation of Reply 1988?

Reply 1994 is a mix of Reply 1997 and Reply 1988, and somehow it makes it work. The story centres around a girl, whose parents rent rooms for college students at Seoul.

Who did Na Jung end up marrying?

One of the major surprises included the fact that in the future Na Jung would marry her husband named “Kim Jae Joon,” who also happened to be one of the five, male college students staying at the boarding house.

Who is Jung’s husband?

Actor Jung Woo revealed his thoughts on learning he was Na Jung’s husband on ‘Reply 1994’. Most of the cast and crew were kept in the dark until it was absolutely necessary, and viewers were all dying of curiosity about whether it would be Jung Woo’s character Trash or Yoo Yun Suk’s character Chilbong.

Is reply series connected?

They do connect so you do want to watch them in release order.

Does Netflix have Reply 1988?

Weekend plans: Binge-watch all 20 episodes. Cheer up, Reply 1988 fans: After it was removed in September, our favorite nostalgic drama is now back on Netflix!

Who ended up together in Reply 1994?

Samcheonpo and Yoon-jin are newlyweds, and Haitai says they just had a huge fight the other night because Seo Taiji came back with a new album, and Yoon-jin ran out and bought a hundred copies to pass out to everyone she knows and even strangers in the street.

Who married in Reply 1997?

Tae Woong ends up marrying his surgeon, who becomes the president of the DBSK fan club of Korea. At the reunion, Yoo Jung and Hak Chan talk about their honey moon plans and ask Sung Jae to join them. Yoon Jae asks again who Shi Won would save if Tony An and Yoon Jae were drowning.

Does Woohee appear in Reply 1994?

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Who are the actors in Reply 1994?

Promotional poster. Reply 1994 (Hangul: 응답하라 1994; RR: Eungdapara 1994) is a 2013 South Korean television series starring Go Ara, Jung Woo, Yoo Yeon-seok, Kim Sung-kyun, Son Ho-jun, Baro, Min Do-hee, Sung Dong-il, and Lee Il-hwa.

Was Reply 1997 actually going to be Reply 1994?

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What was the name of the Kpop singer in Reply 1994?

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