Is PTCL CharJi EVO good?

Is PTCL CharJi EVO good?

It has a different design (PTCL calls it a unique sliding design), has better battery life, and the ‘Cloud B’ denotes its fallback strategy, that is to provide 9.3Mbps (PTCL’s ‘nitro’) speeds in non-CharJi areas. And most importantly, that’s the one that we reviewed!

How can I get free PTJI CharJi device?

Simply visit your nearest PTCL / Ufone Service Center or Franchise (Addresses provided below) with your old 3G EVO Device and original CNIC. You will receive a CharJi Wingle (USB powered 4G Mobile Hotspot Device) absolutely free!

How can I activate PTCL CharJi device?

Postpaid Subscribers:

  1. Please send an SMS on 0512181218 with the following Format: Resub (example: Resub 0453143272).
  2. You must send the SMS from your registered mobile number i.e number provided at the time of CharJi device biometric verification.

What is the CharJi Evo Cloud a?

One of these devices is the ‘CharJi EVO Cloud A’, a battery powered device which supports up to 10 WiFi devices connecting to it at the same time. The ‘Cloud A’ in the name implies its fallback mechanism, i.e. whenever it isn’t in a CharJi coverage area, the speed would fallback to the standard 3G speeds (usually 3.1Mbps, in case of PTCL).

Does the CharJi Evo work with any WiFi router?

The CharJi EVO device comes in three different variants. One is a plug and play USB dongle, and unlike PTCL’s EVO “wingle”, it doesn’t have a WiFi transmitter (i.e. not a cloud device), so you need to plug it into the computer on which you want to use it. Also, we haven’t yet come across a WiFi router on which the CharJi EVO dongle works properly.

What is Charji?

CharJi is a 4G LTE powered portable Wi-Fi Hotspot that allows you to stay connected anywhere, anytime! Toggle navigation About CharJi Package Coverage Order Now Support What is CharJi EVO? CharJi is a 4G LTE powered portable Wi-Fi Hotspot that allows you to stay connected anywhere, anytime! Unlimited socializing Endless streaming

How many devices can Charji connect?

Connect up to 10 devices at one time including Smartphones, Laptops, Smart TV’s, Video Game Consoles, etc. Enjoy up to 5 hours of battery time on a single charge. Compatible with both Windows & Mac devices. CharJi is available in all major cities and towns across Pakistan. For CharJi Coverage Areas, p lease click here.