Is Ping G2 driver still good?

Is Ping G2 driver still good?

It sits very well and is also pleasing to the eye. The club is easy to shape and is forgiving on those not so sweet strikes. Not sure about the alignment aid but after a while it did not bother me. For the price and the performance the Ping G2 is definitely a driver to consider.

How old is a Ping G2 driver?

Ping Golf no longer manufactures the driver, which debuted in mid-2004. In 2005, according to Ping, the G2 driver was the top-selling driver on the market in eight months out of that year.

What year did Ping G2 irons come out?

Even though the G2 irons were released in 2003, they still compete with some of the modern irons on the market.

Is Ping G2 driver forgiving?

The Ping G2 inspires confidence and is extremely forgiving even when you spray golf shots around the face. Our pro tester, Daryl Evans, commented on the solid sound and feel from the head which is something you don’t get from a carbon crown driver.

How old are Ping i3 irons?

Ping i3 (Blade & O-Size) – Released 2000.

Are Ping G2 irons legal?

The Ping Eye 2 clubs (irons and wedges) were grandfathered for life as part of a settlement in 1993 of a suit Ping filed against the USGA. In short, any Ping Eye 2 manufactured prior to March 31, 1990, is within the rules as long as the USGA governs the game.

Is Ping G driver forgiving?

The new G driver is also more forgiving thanks to Dragonfly Technology. By shaving eight grams from the crown, PING has raised the MOI to make the G driver more stable on off-center hits. Again, it’s not a huge difference – the G30 was already extremely forgiving – but it is better.

Is Ping G driver adjustable?

A surprising star — more maneuverable than a club this forgiving has any right to be; high, driving trajectory is there whenever you want it; adjustable loft works as advertised, letting you tweak trajectory as you see fit.

Are PING i3 still good?

Ping has made great clubs for many years and I would recommend the Ping i3 blades to anyone that plays blades and likes to work the ball as much as I do. Some folks swear by their cavity back clubs, but I really think these ping blades are one of the best feedback delivering clubs on the markets today.