Is Pimlico Academy a fee paying school?

Is Pimlico Academy a fee paying school?

Pimlico Academy is a mixed ability non-fee paying school for 11-19 year olds. The academy opened in September 2008 and is sponsored by Future Academies.

What happened at Pimlico School?

On 31 March, students staged a protest (which was falsely said to be a walkout) and gathered in the playground with those parents and teachers who supported them. The trust’s chief executive, the headteacher and the vice principal met representatives of the students and agreed to all their demands.

Who owns Pimlico Academy?

Lady Caroline Nash
Lady Caroline Nash is a co-founder and trustee of the Future Charity. Caroline is the founder of Pimlico Primary and has been the driving force behind the Trust’s knowledge-rich approach.

Who is the head of Pimlico Academy?

Daniel Smith immediately made an impression when he took over at Pimlico Academy in September last year, with colleagues describing how he had portraits of the Queen and Margaret Thatcher in his office.

How do I apply for Pimlico Academy?

How to Apply

  1. At least Grade 5 in both English and Maths at GCSE.
  2. At least a Grade 6 in the subjects chosen to study at Sixth Form (with a 7 for Maths, Computer Science and the single Sciences).
  3. At least 95% attendance and punctuality.

When did Pimlico School open?

Pimlico School was opened in 1969 as London’s flagship comprehensive school. John Bancroft’s futuristic design reflected the ambitions of the 1960s – to use the latest technology to create a egalitarian and open society.

Who designed Pimlico School?

John Bancroft
Designed in 1964-65 by John Bancroft of the Greater London Council’s architecture department for 1,725 pupils, Pimlico School was among the last of the LCC and Inner London Education Authority’s programme of large comprehensives.

When was Pimlico School built?

The original Pimlico School, designed by John Bancroft of the Greater London Council’s architecture department, was built in 1967-70. It was a noted example of brutalist architecture, constructed of concrete and glass without decorative claddings or ornament, and its appearance had been controversial since it opened.

How many students go to Pimlico Academy?

1,262Pimlico Academy / Number of students

Is Pimlico posh?

Pimlico is an upmarket and sophisticated area of West London, with a relaxed and contemporary feel to it. Located in the borough of Westminster, Pimlico is known for its impressive architecture, and grand garden squares.

Who is the owner of Pimlico Plumbers?

The Pimlico Plumbers Group LimitedPimlico Plumbers / Parent organization

What borough is Pimlico in?


London borough Westminster
Ceremonial county Greater London
Region London
Country England

Where is Pimlico Academy?

/ 51.488; -0.137 Pimlico Academy (formerly Pimlico School) is a mixed-sex education secondary school and sixth form with academy status, located in the Pimlico area of Westminster in London .

What makes Pimlico Comprehensive School so special?

Described as “the most visually forceful building the Greater London Council has yet produced”, Pimlico Comprehensive School opened to initial positive reviews and was honoured with awards from the RIBA and Civic Trust. It was a noted example of brutalist architecture, constructed of concrete and glass without decorative claddings or ornament.

Why are pupils protesting at Pimlico Academy?

Pupils have staged a mass protest reportedly against the uniform policy of a central London secondary school. Videos on social media show scores of pupils chanting “we want change” after walking out of Pimlico Academy early on Wednesday. It follows students’ claims Pimlico Academy discriminates against Muslim and black pupils.

What is the deficit at Pimlico primary school?

Pimlico deficit funding between 2011 and 2013, was £1 million: schools are not allowed to run a deficit budget. In 2013 Labour councillors called for an inquiry after the new Pimlico primary school where Nash was co-chairman of the governors appointed an unqualified teacher as headmistress ahead of its opening with 60 pupils in September.