Is photosynthesis is a chemical reaction?

Is photosynthesis is a chemical reaction?

Photosynthesis is a series of chemical reactions that convert carbon dioxide and water into glucose (sugar) and oxygen in the presence of sunlight.

Is photosynthesis an endergonic or exergonic reaction?

Photosynthesis is an endergonic (energy-consuming) process. Cellular respiration is an exergonic (energy-releasing) process.

What type of reaction is photosynthesis catabolic or anabolic?

Photosynthesis, which builds sugars out of smaller molecules, is a “building up,” or anabolic, pathway. In contrast, cellular respiration breaks sugar down into smaller molecules and is a “breaking down,” or catabolic, pathway.

Why is photosynthesis described as a chemical reaction?

Photosynthesis is a chemical change as it is the process through which light energy is converted into chemical energy by plants. … ,As new chemical species are produced, thus, photosynthesis is simply a chemical transition. The equation for the same is Water + Carbon dioxide → Oxygen + Glucose.

Is photosynthesis aerobic or anaerobic?

The photosynthetic process in all plants and algae, as well as in specific types of bacteria, involves the reduction of carbon dioxide to carbohydrate and the removal of electrons from water, resulting in the release of oxygen. This process is known as oxygenic or aerobic photosynthesis.

Why is photosynthesis endergonic reaction?

Photosynthesis is an endergonic reaction because plants cannot initiate the process of photosynthesis until they absorb light energy.

What are the two types of reaction in photosynthesis?

The reactions that make up the process of photosynthesis can be divided into light-dependent reactions, which take place in the thylakoids, and light-independent reactions (also known as dark reactions or the Calvin cycle), which take place in the stroma.

Is photosynthesis an aerobic reaction?

Both aerobic respiration and photosynthesis are biological processes involving living organisms and requiring energy. The way each process creates energy is similar in that both of these processes rely on existing molecules in cells to carry out the energy conversion reactions.

Is photosynthesis a decomposition reaction?

3) It is a decomposition reaction reactants decomposes into carbohydrates and oxygen.

What kind of reaction is photosynthesis quizlet?

A chemical reaction during which plants convert radiant energy from the Sun to chemical energy; a reaction that converts carbon dioxide and water to sugar (glucose).