Is Pasadena ISD Virtual?

Is Pasadena ISD Virtual?

About Us. Pasadena ISD High School students have a large variety of courses available to them through TxVSN and PVS. At this time student’s must pay all applicable fees unless otherwise noted by their counselor.

How many students are in Pasadena ISD?

Overview of Pasadena Independent School District Pasadena Independent School District contains 70 schools and 52,878 students.

How many middle schools are in Pasadena ISD?

seven middle schools
Students in our seven middle schools are prepared to transition to any of the four high schools that will best meet their interests and needs.

Does Pasadena ISD have a mask mandate?

Students and staff in the Pasadena Unified School District will no longer be required to wear masks while on campus grounds next week. Instead, face coverings will only be “strongly recommended,” beginning Monday, March 14.

Does Pasadena have good schools?

PASADENA>> Three Pasadena schools made the top 10 of Los Angeles Magazine’s Best Public and Private High Schools ranking. Pasadena Polytechnic, a kindergarten through 12th grade co-ed private school on East California Boulevard, ranked number two on the list of 75 schools in L.A. County.

Is there a special offer for Pasadena ISD employees?

AAA – Special Offer for Pasadena ISD Employees! Switch to Direct Energy! Our 2022 annual enrollment will start Monday, October 18 and end Friday, November 12th. Make sure to get with your school administrator to find out your enrollment date and the time we will be at your location. Below is the benefits guide book for 2022 Benefits.

Why choose Pasadena Independent School District?

The Pasadena Independent School District is an equal opportunity employer and provides equal access for all students.

What is the Pasadena ISD wellness clinic?

The Pasadena ISD Wellness Clinic offers family practice services to insured employees, and their dependents, with no co-pay. The following outlines the health plans offered by Pasadena ISD. Employees may select coverage from one of three plans.

What is Pasadena’s leave policy for full time employees?

Full-time employees qualify for state personal leave days, consisting of a maximum of five (5) days per year with no limit on accumulation. State personal leave days can be used according to policy. In addition, Pasadena I.S.D. provides employees five (5) days of local sick leave.