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Is Oor Wullie Scottish?

Is Oor Wullie Scottish?

Oor Wullie (English: Our Willie) is a Scottish comic strip published in the D.C. Thomson newspaper The Sunday Post. It features a character called Wullie; Wullie is the familiar Scots nickname for boys named William.

Which Scottish newspaper features the Broons and Oor Wullie?

The Sunday Post
The Broons (English: The Browns) is a comic strip in Scots published in the weekly Scottish newspaper The Sunday Post. It features the Brown family, who live in a tenement flat at 10 Glebe Street in (since the late 1990s) the fictional Scottish town of Auchentogle or Auchenshoogle.

Is Oor Wullie from Dundee?

Oor Wullie is the iconic wee Scottish laddie from the fictional town of Auchenshoogle. The image of Wullie sitting on his upturned bucket, wearing his famous black dungarees is as familiar to Scots as Edinburgh Castle.

What is the name of Oor Wullie’s dog?

Wullie is a wee lad, around 8-years-old with a shock of blonde spiky hair. He’s rarely seen without his trademark black dungarees and tackety boots. He has a wee pet moose (mouse) called Jeemy and a wee white dug called Harry.

Who is Wee Eck?

Wee Eck is a Scots version of “Little Alex”. It may refer to: A member of Wullie’s gang in the Oor Wullie comic strip, from the Sunday Post. One of the “Jocks” in the comic strip The Jocks and the Geordies, from The Dandy.

What does Boab mean in Scottish?

Phrase. help ma boab. expressing frustration, amazement, etc.; ≈ crikey, goodness gracious me.

Is Oor Wullie in the Beano?

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Who are The Broons family?

The Broons family features two older sons, Hen and Joe, and two grown-up daughters, Daphne and Maggie. The younger children are Horace, who is the brains of the family, and the Twins (identical boys) plus the Bairn, a cut down version of Maw and wiser than her years.

What is Eck short for?


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How old is Oor Wullie?

Wullie’s age seems to have fluctuated over the years. At times, he’s depicted as five or six years old, at other times about eight, and sometimes around ten.

What does help my BOB mean?

What does Crivens mean in Scottish?

an exclamation of surprise
(ˈkrɪvəns ) exclamation. Scottish dialect. an exclamation of surprise, now more commonly used for comedic effect.