Is Neeraj Kabi married?

Is Neeraj Kabi married?

Deepali Kosta KabiNeeraj Kabi / Spouse

How old is Neeraj Kabi?

54 years (March 12, 1968)Neeraj Kabi / Age

Where is Neeraj Kabi from?

Jamshedpur, IndiaNeeraj Kabi / Place of birth

Who is Neeraj Madhav brother?

Navneeth MadhavNeeraj Madhav / Brother

Who is Neeraj Madhav wife?

Deepthi JanardhanNeeraj Madhav / Wife (m. 2018)

Who was Moosa Rehman in family man?

Neeraj Madhav

Character Portrayed by Season 1 (2019)
Dhriti Tiwari Ashlesha Thakur Main
Atharv Tiwari Vedant Sinha Main
Sajid Ghani Shahab Ali Main
Moosa Rehman (Al Qatil) Neeraj Madhav Main

Is Neeraj Madhav related to R Madhavan?

Neeraj is most popular for his role as Moosa Rehman which he played in the Indian web series The Family Man which started streaming in Amazon Prime Video in October 2019….

Neeraj Madhav
Spouse(s) Deepthi Janardhan ​ ( m. 2018)​
Children 1
Parent(s) Dr. K. Madhavan Latha Madhavan
Relatives Navneeth Madhav (Brother)

What happens to Moosa in family man?

In the finale episode of season one, it was indicated that Moosa was dead after he succumbed to a middle-of-the-road fight with his protege, Sajid.

Is Moosa dead?

Is Family Man season 1 and 2 connected?

The Family Man season 2 is a fine sequel to the first season. Go binge watch it as soon as possible. Disclaimer: This review was not paid for or commissioned by anyone associated with the series/film.

Who is Basu in Family Man 2?

Seema Biswas
Although there are several male characters in the series, these two female characters steal the show with their outstanding performance. The character of Raji played by Samantha Akkineni and PM Basu played by Seema Biswas was loved by the audience.